My Writing Experience

Writing has never been my strongest characteristic, but I do enjoy expressing myself in different ways. My senior year during high school I took a grammar and writing class. In it we had to write multiple types of paper. Such as a biography, persuasion, and a research. I would say that by taking this class it has had a positive effect on me. Even though I did not look forward to this class I knew it would only benefit me. I knew that I really didn’t enjoy writing, and I didn’t have any real confidence in my writing.

Which I have developed from past negative experiences from papers that I have done bad on. This class showed me that I did well on all my opinion papers. Such as a persuasion or descriptive papers. I found it easy to express my ideas and thoughts without any right or wrong answer. This grammar and writing class also helped me with my grammar, another weak part of my English skills. Overall I discovered that I wasn’t as poor as I thought, and from all the things that I have learned, it has really has helped me with my confidence in writing and getting my point across.

Also I think that I have sometimes had a negative attitude when taking previous English courses. Especially when a writing assignment comes up. Most people including myself never look forward to writing a paper. But it also doesn’t help when you get an English teacher that is very black and white and boring. And like we talked about in class loves to mark up your paper with red ink. Teachers that assign very boring papers also leads to a negative outlook, like a boring research paper on a common topic, such as abortion. All you hear in those boring papers is random facts and statistics about that topic that you have heard a million times.

Another negative experience is when teachers grade your writings on what they want to hear. I have had teachers in high school that have assigned essays on a particular question that has an answer that could go either way. More so an opinion question. And I would answer it in my opinion and teachers would not agree with it, and grade it low. Because they would want to see a version of their own opinions rather that someone else’s view on that particular question.

Overall I would say my writing experiences have been about fifty-fifty for the positive and negative experiences. I have enjoyed many good times in my writing/english classes and have turned in work that I am very proud of. I believe that all these experiences have shaped me into the writer I am today.