My Life Growing Up

This is all about me growing up in my early years, school years and how I have made different career choices in my life. I also talk about my family, my life now and most importantly my future.

This is all about me growing up in my early years, school years and how I have made different career choices in my life. I also talk about my family, my life now and most importantly my future.

The Early Years

While growing up, I don’t remember too much of my early years. All I can remember is that my mother passed away when I was around four or maybe five years old. I didn’t know my father, but heard of him sometimes. I have one blood sister that I know of, but don’t really know anything about her. However, I can say that I was adopted into a big family that raised and took care of me. Growing up with my new family, I learned how to cook, plant vegetables, clean and take care of myself. My sister on the other hand, was living with another family at that time.
Although, I can’t remember a lot about my early years, but I do know me and my family always went fishing, hunting, picking peas on the farm and always celebrating something. Ever Easter, my parents would throw a cabaret, which I enjoyed the most, because people from everywhere would put on their best Sunday outfit just to win one of the contests that they had their. Christmas was a blessing, because everything I wanted I always got until I started snooping around and learned there was no Santa clause, and then it started getting boring. On the other hand, every holiday with my new family was great.
? The Early Years in School
When I moved here from Michigan, high school was one of the most exciting and at the same time the most boring periods of my life. During my four years at Patterson Co-Op, I learned things but nothing of what I learned would be more confusing than my college course classes.

During my freshman year of high school, I had just moved here from Michigan to Ohio. I had no friends and I was starting high school in about a month. As the days got closer to the start of the school year, I found some people to hang around with in the building I was living in however; they were going to a different school than me. The first day of school I was actually excited to go. I learned how to catch my first bus. When I arrive to school I nearly hit the floor, cause it reminded me a little of my old school in Michigan. I settled into this new atmosphere after a while and found out that it wasn’t so hard after all. As the year progressed I became more and more comfortable with the people and environment around me. Then here comes sophomore year.
• Sophomore year, I took up machine trades. There were only me and one other girl in this class which we became friends. Everyone always called us some tomboys, because we were the only girls who took this course up, which made it very weird for us. As the year was going we were the best in our division. We were in every skill trade competition you can name, made tools and even made the fellows mad. I still have all my awards up till this day.

In my junior year, many new and interesting things happened. I made more friends, played basketball and even tried out for the cheerleading team while still taking up machine trades. Although, I never made the cheerleading team, but I can say I did join ROTC at the school. This was the best time ever, going to military balls, dances and even booth camp during the summer in Nashville, Tennessee.

Senior year suppose to be the best year of high school. While getting ready for senior trips, dances, prep rallies and most of all graduation, well for me it was not so good. Last day, I just knew I had passed the profiecy test. When the scores came out I fell to the floor and started crying cause I had missed it by three points. However, I did get my diploma that summer year. I just could not walk across the stage and receive it like I always dreamed of.

Upon graduation from Patterson Co-Op, I plan to acquire a logistics management position in industry. I was hoping to work in an environment in which I can help a company achieve its goals, as well as an environment that will provide me with personnel growth and development. With my educational background, machine trades/JROTC, cooperative work experience, and the desire to learn, I was capable of handling the challenges that the work force would bring. However, being fresh out of high school I didn’t accomplish this dream right off the back. I’ve work at many restaurants and also attended some college.

During college, my career choice was to become a police officer. I was doing great until I became with child and my instructors’ told me I had to withdraw from the classes because pregnant women were not allowed to go through their training. Coming to the point of my current career choice has been a long road. My idea of what a career is or should be has changed with circumstances and age. After years of trying I fondly landed a decent job in the manufacturing world.

My Family
Me and my family love to go on short trips. One trip I took the kids on was to Kansas City. Our children ranging from ten – five loved when we drove through St. Louis and passing the football stadium. Even though, it was a long drive (which I was told 6 hours) we had fun all the way there. My son and his dad went to check out the Chiefs stadium while we girls went on a shopping spree as usual. My family is a sport fans all the way especially loving the Cleveland Browns. I try to keep them very business with cheerleading, soccer, football and even base ball, although they hate the last one. However, I love them all more and more every day.

My Life Now
When I look at a picture of myself, I realized how much I’ve grown and changed, not only physically, but also mentally as a person in the last fifteen years. Remember the phrase “If I knew what I know now, things would be differently.” We’ll that phrase means a lot to me, but the only thing is, I would not change anything, just make it even better. Our lives know is going to school and getting an education while taking care of my family.

My Future
However, after so many years of working in the manualfacture world then being put out. I decide to change my life around and do something total different. Know that I am currently back into school after ten years I am taking up cooking classes, something I’ve never thought I would be doing, but it was time for something different and new. Right know I cannot predict my future especially with the economy the way it is. I’m just going to take it one day at a time and see what the future will bring me and hopefully it will be good.