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Love & Divorce

What is love? Love is a very special and meaningful word to anyone and everyone who has loved before. For me, love is a priceless diamond, like a diamond, it has thousands of mirror images, and each represents a meaning of love. Having a key to open my heart to look at this world without a mask, to show people who I really am. It also means those signs of the diamond cannot be replaced by any kind of expression, because the untrue reflection will not be a real diamond, and will not be able to spread out its magnificent as well as meaningful reflection of love to people to whom I care for.

With this wonderful definition of what love is why do people divorce? There are so many theories on this issue but the usual reasons are communication, compromise, and commitment, and it’s hard to disagree with them. If both spouses were consistently able to communicate with each other, able and willing to compromise with each other, and 100% committed to their marriage, it’s hard to see how it could fail but it does. When it is all said and done the main factors that make a marriage work are a combination of the three C’s – communication, compromise, and commitment.

Without love, communication, compromise, and commitment one may lose the ability to survive in this world with no hope. Seeing that well as, an individual may lose many opportunities of enjoyment both mentally and physically, when they do not know what love is or haven’t fully experience it. I believe love is a special and meaningful diamond, which can spread out the originality of love to people generously, as well as sending out the invitation to welcome my friends and people who I love to come to my kingdom of love. Therefore people should not hesitate to own this priceless diamond to broaden their life of love and happiness.