Living on your own



As an adolescent growing up, I learned part of becoming a mature adult is learning how to be self independent. For example, one way to experience self independency is when you attend college away from home and you no longer have the guidance you did in high school. In college, you are no longer in the

confinement of your parents’ rules or boundaries. For instance, when you lived at home and your parents might have repeatedly told you to come home by a certain time when you went out: when in college you can come and leave as you please without paying any consequences. Also, while living on a school campus, it is more convenient to get to your classes because you do not have to travel via bus or mass transit to get school to attend your classes. However, while living at home and going to college, commuting will take some time and may cause you to be late or absent for some of your classes.

Living at home with your parents can also benefit you financially while going to college. At home, you maybe fortunate to have home cooked meals and your room is already provided for. While living on a college campus, you must pay for a dorm room which is in most cases costly. In addition, the cost of meals on campus in comparison to home is also much more expensive. Also, when living at home as a college freshman, your parents usually provide you with basic necessities on a daily basis and you do not have to pay for it. While this maybe true, when attending college you have the support of those at home but you are required to be more independent as you do not have the ones at home immediately available to provide for you.

In conclusion, if you want to become a mature independent adult, you must first learn how to live on your own. College is the perfect experience to test your maturity.