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Learning Intelligences

Many people can have an intelligence that even they didn’t know about. At anyone could take a quiz-like assessment to find their own academic strengths. There are many different types of strengths that you could get. Some of them are Spatial, Logic/Math, Nature, and Self, just to name a few. I took this quiz and discovered that I have some strengths that I didn’t know about. My three highest strengths are body movement, social, and musical.

The assessment said that my highest intelligence was body movement. I agree with this as one of my strengths because I know that I learn stuff easier if I put body movement into it because it makes it more fun and encourages me to keep playing AND learning. I also agree with body movement as being my highest strength because to do sports I have to keep my grades up; so sports push me to do so.
I agree with social as also being one of my strengths because I’m relatively good at talking with people and sometimes do it too frequently. I also agree because I am really good at fighting with people. I’ve also thought of being on a debate team or being a lawyer because of my chatterbox. I lastly agree with this because I love talking to new and old people and making new friends which shows how social I am.

Last but not least, my final top third strength is musical. As usual, I agree with this as being my third highest strength because I listen to music 24/7, well outside of school of course. I also think that this is correct because I have quite good rhythm for an Asian girl and I memorize songs very easily which could come in handy some day in the future.

Sometimes it may not take an assessment to determine what your strengths are but it can help do so. My personal best strengths are first body movement, second social, and third musical.