Should We Know What is Happening in the World?

I always watch news on television early in the morning before I go to school or do other activities. I do this because I believe that knowing about events happening in the world is important for several reasons.

Firstly, economy is connected all over the world and we are part of the world. Events that happen in one place are able to affect various places in the world. For example, when Iraq has limited their oil supplement for the world, the price of oil has jumped up rapidly. This has led to the expensive prices of almost all products and services. For example, if you used to rent an apartment for $500 a month, you must now pay a much higher cost for the same one. It is approximately $100 more.

Next, being aware of what is happening in the world is important so that you can have a better plan of your trip. You are able to decide which country is the best place to visit. My family went to Singapore two months ago and we bought a lot of clothes for an inexpensive price. It was very exciting because we knew that time was the sale season and everything was cheap. We heard that news on radio and also from our friends several months before we started our trip to Singapore. Knowing of the news in the world is useful in some occasions, especially when you plan to visit other countries.

Sometimes we know the news that is not related to us just to be involved in conversations with our friends or co-workers. No one wants to be considered as an idiot in conversations. For instance, if most of the time your friends talk about latest events, which you are not aware of, they will make fun of you. Then you are separated from most of the talk afterwards and feel isolated. This might not be the most important reason, however knowing the events happening around the world indicates that you are not behind the times.

In conclusion, it is essential to know about events in the world because we are in some ways connected with the world. We know the news in order to plan our trips better and simply to be involved in daily conversations. The world is always changing and we must be aware of this.

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?
People should not be allowed to use mobile (cell) phone when they use public transportation (e.g. buses, trains, and airplanes)

Use specific reasons and example to support your answer.

Since mobile phones were invented and first used by people, they played an important role in sending and receiving information between people. They connected people even if they were far apart. This case is true up to now. I completely disagree with the idea that cell phone users should not be allowed to use their phones in public places such as on public transportation.

The first reason is that it is against human rights to ban people using cell phones. It is generally known that law makers are always trying to protect human rights so there are no reasons to restrict the right of using cell phone. If the policy is passed it can lead to the movement of citizens who are always willing to struggle for their own freedom. Base on the basis rights of humans, cell phone users should not be denied to use their own phones in public places.

People need to use their cell phones when they are in an emergency situation. They are encouraged to call the police when they see a wanted criminal or when they see an accident, like a car accident or fire. These are the times when people need to make a phone call even if they are on buses, train, or airplanes. Once I was on a bus to school, I saw a burning house and everyone nearby was screaming and no one could put out the fire. I immediately made a phone call to the fire station to inform of the occurrence. What would happen if we were restricted in using mobile phones just because we were on buses or trains?

Last but not least, it is costly keep cell phone users under surveillance. There are millions of mobile phone users, so there must be a significant number of police to observe them. If one police can observe ten people, we need one hundred billion police to put one million people under observant. The government, however, should spend money on more important things like building infrastructure or taking care of the poor and the sick.

In conclusion, prohibition of using cell phones when using public transportation is against human rights. In addition, people must be allowed to use their phones when they face emergency situations. If the new law is passed it is going to do nothing better than just waste money.

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement
The second reading of a book is more interesting than the first reading.
Use specific reasons and example to support your answer.

Reading books is good for everyone. If you think a book is good after you finish reading it for the first time, you will find it more interesting if you read it for the second time.

When you work through a book for the second time, you will have a deeper understanding of that book. You will figure out that there are some points that you did not see the first time. Most of the time when I read books for the second time, I am amazed that I still learn some new things from those books. Some books that I used to read are Flowers for Algernon, Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland; they still amazed me when I read them for the second time.

Second, reading of books can help you remember the details for longer. Reading books for the second time creates some things deeper in your brain and that makes you remember things for a long time. I still remember the story about the little Alice as I read Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland twice when I was ten years old. If you want to keep your memory of the contention of a book for a long time, do read it twice.

Reading books twice is useful for your writing. You will be surprised how easily you can write essays after you read books twice, since you have more ideas and a special feeling when you start your work. I always read books twice or more in order to be better in my essays, especially narrative essays. Books are sources of knowledge that come to you naturally when you read them twice.

In conclusion, reading books for a second time can lead to a deeper understanding of a contention, what you read will stay longer in your mind and will be useful for your writing. If you love reading a book, you will love it more when you read it for the second time.