Important Federal Agencies

In my opinion the three most important law enforcement agencies are our local law enforcement, the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Every law enforcement agency plays a huge role and has its importance, but these three are the most important to me.

My number one most important agency is the Department of Homeland Security. Our country means so much to the citizens of the United States and making sure it is protected from outside threats. DHS is a new cabinet-level department designed to coordinate federal efforts to protect the United States against domestic and international terrorism. This agency, combined with other agencies protects our borders and customs, transportations and airways.

My number two important agency is our local law enforcement agencies. They protect and serve the citizens in our local community and they patrol our streets to help keep citizens safe from criminals. They can also be a positive influence on our communities and our citizens. Having local law enforcement helps to keep the crime controlled in that particular area.

My number three important agency is the Federal Bureau of Investigations. The FBI is the primary agency responsible for the enforcement of all federal laws. They investigate crimes that are against federal law, but they are not a police force. The FBI is always there to help state and local agencies investigate crimes and the FBI is known to have the best labs available.

These three agencies are so important because they protect the United States, international or domestic and without these agencies we would have to fend for ourselves individually and that could be disastrous. All law enforcement has their importance and responsibility to protect and serve.