Importance of Healthcare

Imagine a world full of rampaging disease, sickly children and dying elderly; a place full of fractured bones, cancerous cells, deadly viral epidemics, and broken dreams. This place was made possible by the absence of healthcare. Healthcare is more than just paying taxes to “Uncle Sam” to help those less fortunate; it is more than medicinal discounts and cheap medical attention. Its helps prevent and control disease, save lives, and boost morale.

Healthcare is vital to the prevention and maintenance of diseases. Medical facilities are few and far between and expensive, Medicinal drugs cost an “arm and leg” to produce and obtain. Economically, around seventy percent of America’s population is in middle-low class and below. The average family cannot afford medical attention and medicine. When a family member becomes sick, without health insurance very little can and will be done with them. Because families cannot afford these basic necessities, many diseases and sickness that can be prevented and potentially cured will not be. In these types of situations healthcare can provide an “economic buffer” to needy families. The necessary medical attention can and will be obtained.

Healthcare also provides a means to save lives. As stated previously; “the average family; which are those of middle and lower clesses; cannot afford medical attention and medicine without proper healthcare”. In extreme cases where a friend or family member contracts a serious illness; immediate attention is usually needed to prevent further complications. Families of sick and diseased loved ones cannot carry the financial burden placed on them to help support diseased loved ones. They inevitably watch as their loved ones become weaker, and weaker from sometimes curable and preventable disease and viruses. However, the addition of healthcare can make the difference in an otherwise bleak predicament.

Lastly, Healthcare is a morale booster. Imagine an elderly loved one of a lower class family, stricken with a debilitating cancer; without proper treatment his/her chances of survival are slim to none. Moreover, the cost of treatment over time will add up to the hundreds of thousands of dollars. The average person would give up hope in light of such depressing circumstances. However, healthcare in the form of medicaid can lower the cost of treatment to a little over a thousand dollars. Although still a steep price to pay the average lower class family; the treatment will give someone another chance at life and offer relatives and loved ones a chance to connect a little more with that special someone.

All in all, the world is full of disease, sickness, and death. However, healthcare in its many forms ensures that the statistical numbers stay at a minimum. Healthcare has its advantages, and perks in being able to prevent and control diseases, save lives and boost morale. Without it, America and the world around us would be a place full of sickness, rampage diseases, crushed and dying dreams. That is not the world we want now, is it?