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How to Write a Book Review

(in this section you need to include the author of the book, title of the book, year of publication, and notify the reader about the content of your book review.)

Brief information about the author
(in this part of book review format you need to include some details about the author; for example, why did the author write the book, what was his intention, is there a link between his life and themes of the books, etc.)

(summary section of book review format should cover the plot of the book; you need to limit this section to one or two paragraphs as your primary task is to write not the summary but a review)

Overview and analysis of key themes
(you need to talk about the issues raised by the author, main characters, etc. You need to be careful to avoid writing a book summary instead of review. Therefore, pay special attention to the language used by the author. Are the themes covered sufficiently? Are the main characters well-developed? Why does the author focus on the specific theme?)

Critical analysis
(this section of your book review is the most important one. Here you need to express your personal opinion about the book and justify your positive or negative evaluation).
Your review should conclude with your personal observations.
1. Has the book challenged you intellectually, increasing your Knowledge, raising new questions, and/or presenting the material in a novel or provocative manner? On the other hand, does the author simply rehash what everyone already knows?
2. How did the book affect you? Were any previous ideas you had on the subject changed, abandoned, or reinforced due to this book?
3. Let the reader know whether or not the book is worth reading and why. In other words, why should anyone read it