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How Does the Media Influence the Perception of a Women’s Place

The excerpt by Susan Douglas gives us an insight on how the media can manipulate the thought process of children. In the United States the media is used to sell products, nothing more, and nothing less. This is not a new idea in the United States; it has been around since newspapers have been selling advertisements. The advertisers decide how they are going to reach their customers. All advertising is based on the customers perception. That’s why most advertising is gender differentiated. You wouldn’t place an ad for men’s hair tonic and show all ladies in the ad space. Companies will continue to influence our thoughts and decisions as long as we continue to buy their products and conform to their

messages. I don’t believe women’s place in our society has been influenced by what we see on television or read in print.

The role women played in society fifty years ago is much different than that of women today. Fifty years ago women were expected to stay at home, raise the kids, pay the bills, and take care of their man. Men were expected to join the military, go to college, or get a job, and be financial provider for his family. Today, however, those gender based roles only remain in a very small percentage of families in this country today. Through women’s own stance for independence and the ever changing economy, many women are the bread winners and sole financial providers for their families. “Mr. Mom” is a commonly used name for men who now stay at home and play the role, only women once played fifty years ago.

While it easy to blame the media for influencing our thoughts, it is up to you and only you to become the person you want to be. I have three children. A ten year old boy, a seven year old girl, and a five year old boy, all of which watch TV and none of which acts the way they do because TV influenced their thought processes. Sure, they want every toy on every commercial, and their decisions are gender biased, but they all want something different out of life. It is up to parents, and those who educate our children to teach them that whether you are male or female anything in this world is attainable.