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Homeschooling is Advantageous

Homeschooling is advantageous to kids learning experience. Many kids/teens who go to public school have to wake up early and get to school. They don’t have a lot of time to learn the information. They have

a short lunch break. At the end of the day, the usually get sent home with some type of homework. On top of this, the teachers don’t have time to get to know the kids/teens very well. Sure they know the kids names, but they really don’t get to know the kid through and through. These are a few of the many issues I have found about public school.

Sure public school has its advantages, but homeschooling has far more. For a good overview of many advantages to homeschool see Reasons to homeschool. Many things a kid/teen has to go through doesn’t happen in a homeschool environment. For teens, no getting locked in a locker or getting you head dunked in a toilet. For parents, no influence of drugs or gangs.

As Low Jeremy said, “Despite being a viable alternative to traditional classroom setting, there are still some people who feel that Homeschooling is not for everyone. Like many things, this new system of education has its disadvantages.” From: The Different Cons of Homeschooling. Continuing to quote from the above source, I will list five disadvantages of homeschooling.

1. When you decide to put your kids to homeschooling, you have to be prepared to spend all day with your children for several days. With homeschooling, you have to be their teacher. You have to be there to supervise their lessons and even check on their progress. You also have to think of activities and make worksheets. This is why most parents would leave work to go fulltime in teaching their kids.

2. Deciding on homeschooling will mean that you have to go against the norm. Be prepared to be grilled by other parents. You should also be prepared to find some difficulties when you do decide to put your kid back to mainstream. Adjustment will be hard, as they will not be used to the environment that traditional education has.

3. Spending 24 hours of the day with your child and being their teacher is no joke. At the beginning, you really have to be patient with your child, as he or she will not always understand the lesson as fast or as easily as you want. Do not lose your temper because this will only make matters worst. Remember that it is just normal for your kid to be behind in some subjects or to take a longer time understanding lessons.

4. Most would think that a homeschooling education is cheaper. This is not the case. Although you are not paying for any tuition fee, you have to shell out money for the materials that you will be using. Also, a parent may need to quit his or her job to become a full-time teacher. This can pose a problem in the finances especially if both incomes are needed to make both ends meet.

5. Being a teacher is not an easy task. Not only will you have to patient with your child but you also have to put an enthusiastic appearance even when you are not really in the mood to teach them their lessons. It is important that you make the lesson appear fun and interesting for them so that they will be interested to learn. When they see you bored stiff, they will also follow suit, making your task of teaching them all the more difficult.

As you see, the author gave this much thought. The cons of homeschooling are few, but they are things to consider when planning to homeschool your kid/teen.

All in all from what I found, there are far more advantages to homeschooling your kid/teen then disadvantageous. From what I found on the Internet, there are well over fifty pros for homeschooling but oddly there are no more than ten cons for the same subject. Try homeschooling if you feel confident that you can overcome the cons, because if you try it out, I think you will be amazed on what your kid/teen learns and what you learn too.