Treating Patients Holistically

Groucho Marx famously said Life Is Not A Dress Rehearsal. Why then are the doctors of today not seeing the depth of the ramifications of their treatment? I bare witness to the creation of a real zombie nation that has been made to deal with peoples emotional and mental issues. Instead of treating people holistically and determining a problem solving approach where the person is assisted to find solutions to their problems another mask is created and often this leads to a sedation of the persons former self.

These people are prescribed sedatives, anti depressants, anti psychotics. What about their lives? What caused their problem to arise? What about their future with this new medication. I have seen first hand the brutal reality of these archaic medications. Too often they are over prescribed leaving the person almost half brain dead. Responding to questions and conversation monotonally and with no interest. A life of enforced sedation and reduced stimulation.

Research reveals also that people that are prescribed any type of psychiatric medication are less likely to pursue academic and further education. What is to become of the youth of today that are prescribed medication and left to scamper on the disability support pension. It is a grave state of affairs that doctors take an oath of practice to treat in the least restrictive manner if their treatment mames for life.

Medical care needs to encompass nurturing of the person as well as considering their support network. Too often people that experience a crisis event in their lives are directed to mental healthcare and given medications that they later develop addiction to also. Doctors must take great care to ensure that the medications they are giving are not causing further side effectts also.

It is simply not good enough and not enough care is taken when prescriptions are given. A 30 year old given anti depressants and 2 months later complains of back pain and is then given another presription for anti inflammatories? What about his spine? Treatment is being given but not in a way that nourishes a persons life to promote health. Doses can remain the same for lengthy time frames. Surely doctors need to reduce doses and seek alternative health care aids to give skills to their patients so they are more able to care for themselves. The youth of today and most of society still trust the doctors are giving the correct treatment. It is up to us to be cognisant and vigorous and ask questions in a system that is based on archaic medicines and treatment modalities.