The History of the Aeredi and their Lands

Named for the title of the tome of the same name by the sage Ferenbrand. The City of Summer Stars of the Grey Olve in the Adri Forest is assailed by Ur Flan necromancers. Darnakurian forges Hunger, slays his mother and many of the Olve of the city as well as the Ur Flan.

Ca. -1,400 CY: The Kingdom of Sulm thrives in the Bright Desert

Ca. -1,300 CY: The Kingdom of Sulm falls in a day due to the Curse of Shattados.

Ca. -1,100 CY: The Marvellous Nightingale of Queen Ehlissa the Enchanter is created. Kingdom of Ehlissa is assumed to be founded or extant about this time.

Ca. -700 CY: Oeridan tribes wander the plains of central Oerik.

-644 CY: Johydee of Cranden frees the Oerids from tyranny. The Aerdi begin their Great March, starting the Great Migrations of the Oeridans.

-465 CY: Council of Oerdian Hetman, heeding shamanic advice, begin migrating into the Eastern Flanaess (180 OR)

-458 CY: Oeridian migrations east at peak point. Oerid migrations move into Ket

-447 CY: Zellif Ad-Zol, heir to the Suel Imperium, flees east with thousands of followers. While passing through the Pawluck Valley, some Suel settle, forging an alliance with indigenous Grey Olve lords.

-446 CY: Commoners and a few noble houses of the Suloise move across the Harsh Pass to the east (5070 SD)

-444 CY: Zellif Ad-Zol and follower settle in the Tilvanot Peninsula.

-425 CY: Founding of the Scarlet Brotherhood (5091 SD). Kevelli Mauk presents his vision of the Brotherhood of the Scarlet Sign to the Suloise Council of Nobles.

-422 CY: Invoked Devastation and Rain of Colourless Fire. Kevalli Mauk and the Scarlet Brotherhood flee east.

-421 CY: Displaced Hobniz arrive in the Dragonshead, fleeing the upheavals of the Great Migrations and the advance of the Aerdi and Nehron into the lands north of Relmor Bay.

Suel/Grey Olve Alliance in Sunndi is overrun with little difficulty by Oerid raiders. Oerids present in Sunndi soon after Rain of Colourless Fire.

-419 CY: Kevelli Mauk and followers settle in the Tilvanot Penisula. The Onnwi arrive on the Dragonshead from the Pomarj and set about conquering the native Flan tribes or driving them into the Headlands. The Kingdom of Onnwal is declared.

-415 CY: Aerdi first reported to have reached the western shores of the Nyr Dyv

-411 CY: Death of Kevelli Mauk, Founder of the Scarlet Brotherhood. Reshnek Nes takes leadership of the Brotherhood (5105 SD)

Ca. -400 CY: The Aerdi reach the Solnor Ocean. They settle the lands from the lower Flamni to the Gull Cliffs, founding the settlements of Rel Astra, Pontylver, Ountsy, Roland and Mentrey as capitals of a series of petty principalities, joined in a loose tribal confederation.

The Suel House of Zelrad, driven out of the Sheldomar by the Houses Neheli and Rhola, are welcomed into the Flan Kingdom of Queen Ehlissa. They found the original town of Zelradton.

Ca. -315 CY: Tuerny the Merciless is born in present day Ahlissa into the House of Cranden.

-265 CY: Tuerny creates the Iron Flask of Tuerny the Merciless

-243 CY: Scarlet Brotherhood defeats final remnants of rebelling Suloise Noble Houses. Scarlet Brotherhood assumes formal control of Tilvanot government, calling the peninsula “The Kingdom of Shar.” (5273 SD)

Ca. 220 CY: Baron Lum (years before he discovered his infamous Machine) loses Druniazth (The Claw of Tharizdun) in battle against Ur Flan sorcerors near the present-day Bonewood.

-217 CY: The Kingdom of Aerdy is founded, uniting the Aerdi principalities under a single banner. Lord Mikar of Garasteth is crowned Grand Prince and takes Rel Astra for his capital.
[Early King of Aerdy slain by Tuerny of Cranden – a tyrant and conqueror “conquered vast swathes of land”; “pre-Aerdy commander”)
“Tuerny was once a human wizard, one of the greatest in all history, and a feared personage in the ancient Kingdom of Aerdy. He was born over 900 years ago in the region now called Ahlissa. An archmage, fiend summoner and conqueror, he slew his own king and founded a militant, expansionist tyranny” Subsequently he created the artefact that bears his name and was eventually captured in it himself (thus disappearing from history)

Ca. -200 CY: Aerdy, led by Cranden and Darmen princes, conquers the “crumbling” Flan Kingdom of Ahlissa.

Ca -175 CY: Torquann and Naelax Princes lead the conquest of the “vile and decadent”, dragon worshipping Flan Kingdoms in the upper reaches of the Flamni Basin between the Adri Forest and the Solnor Ocean.

-171 CY: Aerdi forces wipe out a Flan tribe at the Battle of Chokestone.

-143 CY: Eastfair is founded by the Naelax, who are given primacy in the North Province.

Suel kingdoms south of Ahlissa in Idee and Sunndi conquered by the Aerdi in a series of brutal wars.

-109 CY: The Battle of a Fortnight’s Length – the forces of Aerdy led by House of Rax, crush the cavalry of the Nehron Oerids and their Tenha allies. The lands of Nehron, the last major independent Oerid kingdom, are absorbed into the Kingdom of Aerdy.

-107 CY: The Order of the Knight Protectors of the Great Kingdom is founded after woodmen and farmers save the King of Aerdy from an attack by Ur-Flan insurgents on the roayl tent.

After conquest of Ahlissa – Aerdi rulers hear of the riches of the Iron Hills. Forge alliance with the Dwur Kingdom of the Iron Hills. After moving forces to the northern edges of the hills and commencing mining operations there, the remnants of Suel Kingdom of the Zelred (and/or perhaps the outposts of the Suel Onnwi) attack. Long and bloody war before the last Zelred settlement of Karnosa is sacked and burned. The Aerdi establish Zelradton as a military stronghold.

Rauxes founded by a Cranden Grand Prince as a rival to Rel Astra.
Sunndi incorporated into the South Province.

-46 CY: Onnwal taken after a long and bloody war, ending with the establishment of Irongate and complete Aerdi control of the Headlands.

1 CY: Grand Prince Nasran of Cranden declares “Universal Peace” and is crowned as the first Overking of the Great Kingdom of Aerdy in Rauxes. Nasran founds the See of Medegia and grants it to the Church of Pholtus (entrusting the sacred heartlands of the Aerdi into sacred hands?). The overking also appoints viceroys to oversee the administration of the expanding empire. The House of Cranden is granted the Viceroyalty of the South Province, with its capital at Zelradton. The House of Naelax gains the Viceroyalty of the North Province, based in Eastfair. The House of Rax gains the Viceroyalty of Nyrond, based in Rel Mord.

Schandor draws up the Code of Laws and creates the Court of Essence

11 CY: Battle of Arrowstrand between Aerdi forces and Suel barbarians.

12 CY: Scant is founded as capital of Onnwal.

75 CY: Overking Tenmeris of Cranden, grandson of Nasran dies. His wife, Yalranda takes the title of Overqueen.
Tenmeris – “brain as small as flatulent belly was vast”
Yalranda – “formidable diplomat and mediator”; “true power behind the throne”;

Ca. 80 CY: Old City of Eastfair rebuilt after great fire.

86 CY: Overqueen Yalranda dies young at age 40. The new Overking Manshen breaks with Aerdi tradition and takes on the House of his wife – Rax-Nyrond.

Overking Manshen orders the settlement of the Asperdi Isles.

97-100 CY: Quaglands of Perrenland conquered by Aerdi forces.

98 CY: Eldest son of Erhart I is killed by the orb of the hatchlings

100 CY: Viceroyalty of Ferrond is proclaimed, with Dyvers as its capital.

100-200 CY: Noontide of the Great Kingdom

Archclericy of Voll becomes a vassal of the Viceroyalty of Ferrond

102 CY: The House of Garasteth lays claim to the Asperdi Isles. They are challenged by the House of Atirr. After Baron Asperdi of Atirr wins a trial of nautical skill devised by Overking Manshen, the Isles are granted to the House of Atirr. Aerdi Admiralty moved from Astra to Asperd Isle.

108 CY: In response to Frutzii attacks on the North Province, Overking Manshen orders the subdual of the lands north of the Teesar Torrent. An Aerdi army, led by Knight Protectors of the Great Kingdom, masses at Knurl and sweeps northeast. Spinecastle founded in the autumn. Siege of Johnsport by Frutzii forces lifted by Aerdi relief columns.

109 CY: Massive Frutzii horde besieges Spinecastle. Frutzii are slaughtered in the Battle of the Shamblefield (Caldni Vir’s Charge) by Aerdi cavalry riding to the relief of the town. Vir is proclaimed Marquis of the Bone march by Overking Manshen.

122 CY: General Sir Pelgrave Ratik of Winetha ordered by Overking Toran I to subdue the lands between the Griffs and the Solnor Ocean. Ratik’s host crosses the Kalmar Pass and takes Bresht in a winter campaign. He then drives the Frutzii back to the Timberway and founds Marner.

124 CY: The City of Irongate is completed. The Great Kingdom threatens to annex Urnst.

128 CY: Ratik repulses a Frutzii attack on Marner

130 CY: Pelgrave Ratik is declared Baron Ratik by Overking Toran I

134 CY: Overking Toran I deposes the House of Naelax as rulers of the North Province for their lack of support for the conquests in the Bone March and Ratik. The House of Atirr is given the title of Herzog and the capital of the province is moved to Atirr.

150 CY: First appearance of Rhennee (around Adri Forest)

155 CY: Lord Admiral Aedorich of Atirr discovers the Sinking Isle

166 CY: After the burning of the shipyards of Pontylver by the Suel pirates of Duxchan, Overking Erhart II orders the conquest of the Duxchan Isles. Lord Admiral Aedorich of Atirr leads the armada and founds the port of Dullstrand to act as its base.

167 CY: A copy of the Tome of the Scarlet Sign was delivered to Muratree, court wizard to the Malachite Throne. Lord Monduiz Dephaar of Torquann “Terror of the Frutzii” and later a Death Knight, born in Bellport

168 CY: The pirates of Duxchan are defeated by Aedorich at the Battle of Ganode Bay. Survivors flee to Ekul on the Tilvanot Peninsula. Sulward is founded and Oerid settlement begins. The Duxchan Isles become a fief of the South Province, ruled by the Aerdi Prince of Diren.

169 CY: Muratree and companions begin making “Star Cairns” in the Abbor-Alz

172 CY: The Lays of Bar Stannach vomited up by Fomorian Giant.

174 CY: Muratree dies when his attempts to transform into a lich fail.

Late 180’s CY: The Red Gnoll clashes

189 CY: The Urnst Senate “sells” the County of Urnst to the Great Kingdom. Overking Jiranen declares the County as a distinct protectorate from the rest of Urnst.

193 CY: The Duchy of Urnst is proclaimed and becomes a palatinate protectorate of the Great Kingdom

196 CY: Lady Lorana Kath of Naelax jilted by Prince Movanich of Atirr, heir to the the North Province

198 CY: Comet appears over Flanaess. Selvor the Younger prophesises an Age of Great Sorrow for the Great Kingdom.

200 CY: Leukish is constructed. More self determined rule in Ferrond.

202 CY: In reign of Overking Jiranen, Lord Nidramon of Hextorian, Knight Commander of the Knight Protectors of the Great Kingdom dies. The Council Gallant chooses Sir Benedor Monlath of Chathold as the new Knight Commander, over Lord Kargoth Torquann of Mansbridge. Sir Benedor defeats Lord Kargoth in a duel in the Court of Essence in Rauxes.

203 CY: Lord Kargoth Torquann of Mansbridge of the Knight Protectors becomes the first Death Knight and perverts thirteen of his fellow knights to the worship of Ahmon-Ibor (Demogorgon), transforming them into Death Knights. Arendagrost, Maw of the Abyss is released from the Temple of Lothan near Rel Deven and cuts a swath of destruction across the Great Kingdom from Rel Deven to Rauxes. The Knight Protectors slay the beast but not before several members of the royal family are slain at Carnifand. The cult of Ahmon-Ibor begins to rise in the eastern cities. Sir Rezinar of Haxx kills the Allreynen the Gripper when the archmage attempts to destroy him.

209 CY: The Death Knights Lord Maeril and Lord Farian of Naelax lead an undead army against Delaric. They are defeated by St Benedor of the Ashen Hand, who wielding the Orb of Sol destroys Lord Farian.

213 CY: Overking Jiranen of Rax dies. His son Malev “auctions” the Malachite Throne to his cousin, who is crowned Overking Zelchor of Rax. A total eclipse of the sun at noon on the day of Zelchor’s coronation heralds the beginning of the Age of Great Sorrow, as confirmed by the Royal Astrologers in Rel Astra. Zelcor distances himself from the Knight Protectors

233 CY: After the “mysterious” and “untimely death” of Herzog Movanich of Atirr, the Naelax regain the title, reportedly having bought it back from Overking Zelcor. House Atirr hounded out of existence over the “the next two centuries”

247 CY: Lord Kargoth’s citadel, Castle Fharlanst is besieged and destroyed by the Knight Protectors. The ruins stand on the Aerdi coast between Roland and Winetha

252 CY: Overking Toran II strips the See of Medegia and the office of Holy Censor from the Church of Pholtus and grants it to the Church of Zilchus, allies of the House of Rax.

254 CY: The heir to Viceroy Stinvri of Ferrond, Thrommel I, declares Ferrond’s independence from the Great Kingdom and is crowned as the first King of Furyondy. Nyrondese troops are drafted to crush rebellion but are repulsed with losses north of the Nyr Dyv.

283 CY: Edron of Rax-Nyrond reigns as Overking of the Great Kingdom of Aerdy

289 CY: Farlockend builds the Hexpools in the city of the same name

313 CY: The death knights grow so powerful that they begin to prey on Knight Protectors of the Great Kingdom

322 CY: Construction of Public Baths of Innspa

356 CY: Nyrond declares itself an independent kingdom under King Medven I. The invasion of Ratik, the Bone March and the North Province by Frutzii and Schnai barbarians prevents Overking Portillan from crushing the rebels. Suel barbrains are defeated. Battle of Redspan – Tenha cavalry defeats an Imperial force attempting to re-establish Imperial rule over the Duchy.

359 CY: The Theocracy of the Pale is annexed by the Kingdom of Nyrond. Wintershiven is burned by Nyrondese troops.

Late 4th century CY: Naelax begin using humanoid mercenaries in provisioning raids around the Adri Forest. Firan Zal’honan (Azal’ Lan), Lord of Knurl carves out a large personal kingdom for himself in the Flinty Hills, Adri and portions of the Bone March and North Province, declaring himself “Wizard-King”.

391 CY: The Lord of Knurl, the self-proclaimed “Wizard-King” Firan Zal’honan – better known as Azal’Lan –vanishes in the depth of the Adri Forest.

392 CY: The Death Knight Lord Maeril of Naelax loses the blade Astrosus in battle with St. Ceril the Relentless.

Galran of Rax-Nyrond crowned Overking of the Great Kingdom of Aerdy “a half-wit”

Sonnend of Rax-Nyrond crowned Overking of the Great Kingdom of Aerdy “a drunkard who left all affairs of State to his advisors”

430’s CY: Ivid Naelax (son of Ivenzen Naelax) becomes Herzog of the North Province. House of Atirr becomes extinct. Rulership of Atirr passes to House Torquann

434 CY: Elversford established in the Adri Forest.

437 CY: Overking Nalif of Rax is assassinated by agents of Ivid of Naelax, Herzog of the North Province. Ivid declares himself Overking. He is opposed by the House of Rax, elements of the House of Garasteth and the House of Cranden, led by Galssonan of Cranden, Herzog of the South Province. The Great Kingdom slips into the civil war known as the Turmoil Between the Crowns. The Naelax use orcs and other humanoids extensively as mercenaries for the first time. The Naelax begin hunting down members of the House of Rax, with the aid of the Death Knight, Prince Myrhal of Rax.

443 CY: Ivid I begins hunting down the Knight Protectors of the Great Kingdom

443-446 CY: The Malachite Throne is crafted from crystal hewn from the Cauldron of Night

446 CY: Prince Malchim III of Garastheth, Lord Mayor of Rel Astra and the House of Darmen side with Ivid, handing him victory in the civil war and the Crown of Aerdy.. Galssonan is deposed and replaced by Damanilor of Naelax as Herzog of the South Province. Damanilor invites the Lord-Mayor of Irongate and other southern leaders to Zelradton to discuss their grievances. The envoys are arrested, sent in chains to Rauxes where they are tortured for the Overking’s pleasure and then publicly executed for treason and their bodies exposed in the Traitor’s Garden. King Dunstan I of Nyrond meets with representatives of the fiefs of the South Province in Chathold and encourages them to rebel. The South Province rises in open rebellion against Ivid. Parmus Destron deposes Naelax szek and takes his place.

447 CY: With the backing of King Dunstan I of Nyrond, Irongate, Onnwal, Idee, Sunndi and the Lordship of the Isles declare themselves independent states. Damanilor sends the Provincial Expeditionary Forces to besiege Irongate. The southern rebels crush the Imperial army at the Battle of a Thousand Banners before the walls of Irongate. Irongate, Onnwal and Idee found the Iron League. Lordship vessels seized in Prymp by Damainilor.

446-450 CY: Second wave of civil war. A nephew (Duke Astrin?) that Ivid left as steward of the North Province rebels against his uncle and establishes his fief as a sovereign state, but his rebellion is put down. The Holy Censor of Medegia – defies the Overking and establishes an independent see.

The Sea Barons gain control over the Aerdi fleet. Ivid closes all mainland ports to them, forcing the Barons to sue for peace. Ivid earns the title “the fiend-seeing” during campaigns in the heartlands of the Great Kingdom. Almor rebels. Ivid draws upon hellish aid, which assisting the Companion Guard, routs the rebels. Nyrond sends aid to the Almorians forcing the exhausted armies into stalemate along the current borders.
The Prelacy of Almor gains independence

448 CY: The Lordship of the Isles join the Iron League. The Prince of Diren cedes more autonomy to his nobles. The Sea Barons granted sole authority over the navy of the Great Kingdom. Conflict begins between the Sea Barons and the Lordship of the Isles

449 CY: Rel Deven is sacked by the House of Darmen. Sack of University of Rauxes, destruction of Imperial War Records

450 CY: Second wave of civil war ends. The Celestial Houses of the Great Kingdom pay homage to Overking Ivid I who officially takes the Malachite Throne unopposed for the first time this year. In return Ivid grants palatinate status to Rel Astra, North and South Province and the See of Medegia. The See of Medegia and the office of Holy Censor passes Patriarch-General Izvestian of Hextor.

Church of Hextor given primacy in the North Province under the spiritual and temporal rule of the Herzog. The House of Darmen is granted control over the Royal Guild of Merchants of Aerdy and thus over all guilds in the Great Kingdom. The Great Council of Rel Mord. King Dunstan I offers public support for the Iron League and rebukes the Great Kingdom. Nyrondese troops withdrawn from the Pale and the County of Urnst.

Ivid I has Prime Remmanen of Pholtus assassinated and replaced with a doppleganger.
Ivid I institutes the policy of Royal Trusts to confiscate lands of disloyal nobles and converts the Great Kingdom from an aristocracy to a dictatorship.
Ivid I draws up the Sedition Proclamations to tighten central control over the affairs of the Great Kingdom, including allowing him to appoint Judges of the Sessions.
The Death-Code of Eeas, a “pithy listing of crimes for which execution was mandated” is promulgated. It “displays early tinges of the madness that would infect the Naelax line”
The Eldritch Lords of the Aerdi remove themselves from Rauxes to Rel Deven.

455 CY: Sunndi rebels slaughter the Aerdi forces occupying the country and drive out the loyalist Glorioles Army. Sunndi is proclaimed an independent County and joins the Iron League.

456 CY: Replacement of Prime Remmanen discovered. Office of Prime replaced by panel of three judges – Patriarchs of Pholtus, Zilchus and Hextor. Ivid purges priests of Pholtus from the Judges of the Sessions.

467 CY: Ivid I claims bodies of all that die within Rauxes become possessions of the crown unless 100 gp fee for burial in Oltary Park is paid.

486 CY: Ivid I introduces the Castle Tax.

490’s CY: The Death Knight Prince Myrhal of Rax wrests Myrhal’s Crown from the lich Hathamriz the Disaffected on an island in the Solnor Ocean.

494 CY: Ivid I dies. Ivid II of Naelax crowned Overking of the Great Kingdom of Aerdy. Unstable before his coronation, Ivid II quickly lapses into raving dementia upon assuming the full regalia of office.

Ivid II commences building of Castle Rifter (completed by Ivid III)

498 CY: Ivid II slain by his son. Ivid III of Naelax crowned Overking of the Great Kingdom of Aerdy. Ivid III, exterminates his blood kin and imprisons his children in the Imperial Palace.

Ivid III creates the Web spy network.

515 CY: Sinking of Duxchaner ship with a cargo of pearls and ingots worth 40,000gp: Founding of annual Windmarch fair of King’s Justice/Darnagal held during the third week of Harvester. Note: conflicts with LGG “ancient festival”

Ca. 519 CY: House Highforge of Irongate find starstone (comet of 198 CY). Founding of Azak-Zil and port of Zarak in the Abbor-Alz

520-586 CY: Pirates operate along the coast of the Bright Desert, threat of piracy at peak, merchants only put to sea in small armadas accompanied by ships-of-war

Ca. 523 CY: Jaran Krimeeah, Ivid III’s Court Mage and cousin (and a scion of the Houses of Rax and Naelax), attempts a coup against the Overking. Krimeeah is exiled from the Great Kingdom after the coup is crushed.

Ca. 524 CY: Mines of Azak-Zil lost to unknown forces.

Ivid III, upon reaching advanced age, declares that his surviving child will succeed him. After a bloodbath of fratricide, the sole survivor becomes Ivid IV. Ivid IV of Naelax crowned Overking of the Great Kingdom of Aerdy

Ivid IV imprisons those of his children not slain at birth and their mothers monstrously tortured for the Overking’s amusement. Ivid IV’s reign accomplishes little, as he “excelled in debauchery, not administration.”
Ivid IV perennially launches military campaigns to retake Almor and Nyrond and always manages only to shift the borders a few miles in either direction.

531 CY: Ahlissan forces attempt to sack Rel Deven, but are repulsed.

535 CY: Ivid IV appropriates the town of Karellford as a Royal Protectorate.

550’s CY: Humanoid raids on Ratik and the Bone March increase

The second of Ivid IV’s sons assassinates his 122 siblings.

556 CY: Overking Ivid V of Naelax is crowned after having his father, Ivid IV assassinated by his concubine. The House of Naelax-Selor is granted the title of Herzogs of the South Province.
Ivid V – “no military genius, but a brilliant intriguer and politician”; creator of the Screaming Column and the Fiend Knights of Doom (with Xaene).

557 CY: Drax of Garasteth becomes Lord-Mayor of Rel Astra.

558 CY: Scarlet Brotherhood agents encourage humanoids to raid the Bone March. (6074 SD)

560 CY: Dramatic increase in humanoid raids in Ratik and the Bone March.

561 CY: After forming a pact with Grenell Naelax, Herzog of the North Province, humanoid hordes invade and overrun the entire Bone March except for Spinecastle and Knurl. Archbaron Lexnol III of Ratik repulses humanoid invasion of Ratik.

563 CY: Orcs infiltrate and capture Spinecastle, slaughtering Marquis Clement of the Bone March and his family.

564 CY: Oerid Prince of Diren fails to produce an heir. Latmac Ranold of Duxchan is declared Prince. Ranold proposes open war against the Great Kingdom and begins bolstering the Lords’ navy. Reydrich of Naelax becomes Court Archmage for Herzog Chelor I of the South Province.

565 CY: Icespire on the Tusk falls under a curse.

570 CY: Reydrich seeks to become a member of the Circle of Eight, but is rejected. Oswaldon “The Fat” purchases the town of Carnifand.

572 CY: The fleet of the Sea Barons defeat the Lordship of the Isles at the Battle of Medegia.

573 CY: The Archmage Bigby flees Oldridge and settles in Scant. Emissaries of Scarlet Brotherhood appear in the courts of the Iron League (6088 SD).

575 CY: Herzog Chelor III of the House Naelax-Selor gains throne in South Provence

576 CY: Passing of the “Millennium” date predicted by Huro for the Scarlet Brotherhood, Millennialist Party begins to decline (6091 SD). Slavelords begin operations

576 – 579 CY: Date unclear. Rakehell Chert et al thwart Iggwilv in the Isle of the Ape at Tenser’s behest.

577 CY: Forces of Herzog Chelor III of Naelax-Selor, under General Reynard, seize the north-eastern frontiers of Sunndi, from the confluence of the Greyflood and Thelly rivers to the meeting of the Thelly and Flamni. Frutzii raiding fleet defeated north of Asperdi Isles by the Sea Barons. Onnwalon vessels skirmish with ships of the South Province in Relmor Bay and the Sea of Gearnat.

578 CY: Onnwalon ships defeat the vessels of the Pomarji pirate Blidg Fanger near Blue and a squadron of South Province Vessels off Norland Point. Onnwalon ships raid the coasts of the South Province. The Vile Moon Tribe of Bone Marcher Orcs slaughtered by Ratik forces at the Battle of the Loftwood. Holy Censor Spidesa named Imperial Constable and sends an army of nearly 13,000 men through the Hestmark Highlands to attack Sunndi. The force meets heavy resistance in the hills from Dwur and other hill-folk.

Grandwood foresters and Olve destroy a Medegian army in the southern Grandwood in the Battle of Gahru’s Folly. In response Spidesa signs a pact with Drax of Rel Astra ensuring the cities independence in return for military aid against the Grandwood. Ivid dispatches an army of 12,000 into the western Grandwood to deal with insurgency there. Hurricane “Ivid” hits Sea Barons. Sea Barons dispatch fleet under Lord Captain Aldusc Foy to aid the North Province from the port of Bellport. A North Province army is turned back by woodsfolk at the Harp Rover at the Battle of Woodford. Grenell reinforces his troops for war against Nyrond. General Reynard takes the land between the Greyflood and Rieuwood and into the Hollow Highlands, but is ground to a stalemate.

Chelor III’s force is stopped in northern Idee by the armies of the Iron League. Raids from the Vast Swamp trouble Sunndi’s southern frontier, however Count Hazendel dispatches forces to the defence of Idee. Army from the Iron Hills comes to aid of beleaguered Ideean forces, but a rift develops between King Holgi Hirsute of the Dwur and Count Fedorik Eddri of Idee. Naval skirmishes between Nyrond and the Great Kingdom in Relmor Bay. Leaders of Irongate, Onnwal and the Dwur and Noniz of the Headlands meet in Killdeer and agree to aid Irongate should she be attacked, but will not otherwise become involved in human affairs. Szek Ewerd of Onnwal re-enforces his Marines and doubles the size of his Regular Army and Militia. Almor and Nyrond muster their forces for war with the Great Kingdom.

579 CY: Nyrond and Almor join the Iron League to form the Golden League. The League immediately declares war on the Great Kingdom in response to Imperial aggression in the Adri Forest, Relmor Bay, Idee and Sunndi. Alain VI of Ratik marries Evaleigh of Knurl.

579 CY-580 CY: War of the Golden League between the Golden League and the Great Kingdom. The war concludes with the Great Kingdom seeing off the attacks of the Golden League.

580 CY: Bone Marchers attempt to steal the Seal of Marner. Events of the Slavers trilogy. Slavelords reign of terror ended by heroes from states surrounding Gearnat..

581 CY: The Plague of the Red Death sweeps the Great Kingdom. Griffith Adarian calls upon the power of the Gem of Rachleach to defeat a force of 300 raiders sent into the Adri by the Great Kingdom.

Xaene, Ivid’s court-wizard replaced by Karoolck. Ivid proclaims the worship of “Baalzy”. Emasstus Carcosa, Patriarch of Pholtus, denounces Ivid as being insane and allied with fiends and is arrested for treason and subversion and executed. Church of Pholtus is looted and desecrated (except in Ahlissa and Medegia).

582 CY: The Greyhawk Wars begin. Nyrond marches against the Fists into Nutherwood, Phostwood. Fists stop Nyrondese advance at Ternsmay.

583 CY: The Greyhawk Wars: Spidasa, Holy Censor of Medegia refuses to aid Ivid V in the wars, with backing of Krennden, Patriarch of Hextor in Rel Astra and sparking the Iron Schism in the Church of Hextor. Delglath the Undying placed in charge of Rinloru. Ivid V attacks Almor, Nyrond and the Iron League. Ivid’s Aerdi Army marches towards Chathold in Almor, Ivid’s Northern Army enters Adri Forest near Edge Field, Grand Field Force of the South Provence marches into Iron Hills, Glorioles Army crosses the Thelly River and enters Glorioles. Pitchfield, the capital of Sunndi falls to the Glorioles Army.

The Iron League receives aid secretly from the Scarlet Brotherhood. Osson’s Ride begins, with Almor’s cavalry passing through the Thelly Forest and plunging into the South Province. Herzog Chelor moves troops from the Iron Hills east. Chelor reluctantly accepts aid from the Overking. The Aerdi army, under the Grandee Despotrix of the army, his Highness Yimdil of Jalpa, marches southwest to engage Osson. Commedant Osson defeats the Glorioles Army at the Battle of the Rieuwood and liberates Sunndi. Osson repulsed from Nulbish, but defeats Medegian forces, forcing Spidesa to flee to Rauxes where he suffers the Endless Death. The Eastern Pact of Alliance is signed in Oldred between Nyrond, Almor, Onnwal, Idee, Irongate, Sunndi, the Lordship of the Isles and the County of Urnst, pledging support against the Great Kingdom.

584 CY: Latmac Ranold is deposed by Prince Frolmar Ingerskatti of Ganode, with the backing of the Scarlet Brotherhood. The Lordship of the Isles withdraws from the Iron League and pledges its allegiance to the Scarlet Brotherhood.. Osson defeated in Medegia by Ivid’s armies. Pontylver and Mentrey sacked and Medegia pillaged by Aerdi forces. Leastisle falls to marauders. Almor destroyed by Ivid’s forces. Chathold razed in the Day of Dust. Ivid V begins “revivification” of general and nobles and assumes command of the Armies of Aerdy.

Aerdy’s drive into Nyrond stops at Battle of Innspa. Ivid V assassinated but is revivified as an animus. Nyrond counterattacks Aerdy’s Army of the North (North Provence troops). The North Province, under Herzog Grenell of Naelax, breaks away from the Great Kingdom. Herzog Chelor III of the South Province is executed for his incompetence in the wars and replaced by Reydrich of Naelax. The Great Kingdom of Aerdy fractures into hundreds of petty states. The North Province checks Nyrond’s counterattack.

The South Province (Ahlissa) declares independence from the Great Kingdom. The Lordship fleet blockades the Tilva Straits, and attacks Gradsul and Irongate in concert with Scarlet Brotherhood vessels Szek Ewerd Destron assassinated in Scant. Onnwal and Idee fall to the Scarlet Brotherhood. Lord Mayor Cobb Darg foils the Brotherhood’s attempt to capture Irongate. Pact of Greyhawk signed bringing the Greyhawk Wars to a close. Keep of Greenkeep destroyed in the Blemu Hills.

585 CY: Nyrondese raid on Prymp. Patriarch Lassaren of Zilchus secretly flees from Rauxes to Kalstrand to avoid assassination by Ivid V. Burning of 34 farmers in the Grand Market of Scant by the Scarlet Brotherhood. Aide to Magister Vlent revealed as an agent of the Scarlet Brotherhood. Eramheh Swiftwind enters the service of Xavener of Darmen.

586 CY: Grenell of Naelax is crowned Overking of the Kingdom of Northern Aerdy, with his capital at Eastfair. Patriarch Pyrannden of Hextor declares that Ivid V is no longer Overking. Fall of Rauxes. Disappearance of Duke Szeffrin from Almor. Alain VI of Ratik is slain in an ambush while attempting to attack Spinecastle.

Senior Scarlet Brotherhood Herdsmen in Onnwal and Idee are assassinated by magical means by Graf Reydrich of the South Province. Reydrich takes Idee from the Scarlet Brotherhood, but is assassinated by Tyrem of the Scarlet Brotherhood soon after. An oligarchy of Ahlissan generals including General Reynard proclaim the Kingdom of Ahlissa. Last ships to sail the Azure Sea from Rel Astra (stopped by Scarlet Brotherhood blockade).

Rakehell Chert leads the Brewfest Rebellion in Onnwal, wresting control of most of the country from the Scarlet Brotherhood. Jian Destron formally declared Szek of the Free State of Onnwal in Killdeer. Sea Barons exploration fleet departs east over the Solnor Ocean. King Lynwerd of Nyrond reclaims the western portion of Almor. Lordship of the Isles vessels given permission to trade in Gryrax and Nyrond.

587 CY: Scarlet Brotherhood agents assissinate several members of Ahlissa’s Oligarchy. Secret meeting between surviving Oligarchs of Ahlissa and Prince Xavener in Kalstrand. The United Kingdom of Ahlissa is founded. Xavener of Darmen is crowned Overking in Kalstrand. Prince Reydrich returns and reclaims rulership of the Principality of Ahlissa (on the condition he deals with his Naelax relatives in Ahlissa). Degalath the Undying attacks the forces of the North Kingdom from Rinloru with an army of undead. Nyrond declares western Almor a Royal Protectorate.

588 CY: With the aid of Prince Reydrich of Ahlissa, Overking Xavener survives an attempted assassination attempt by disaffected Naelax nobles. Overking Xavener orders the rebuilding of the Ahlissan fleets at Prymp and Naerie. Raids by the “Idee Volunteers” against Ahlissan forces in the Principality of Naerie.

589 CY: Sunndi chooses not to join the United Kingdom of Ahlissa (6104 SD). The Kingdom of Sunndi is declared, with Olvenking Hazendel the Defender as its ruler. The Solnor Compact is signed between Rel Astra, Ountsy and Roland. Sea Barons explorers return with tales of lands to the east.

590 CY: Innspa joins the United Kingdom. Xavener, expands United Kingdom of Ahlissa north into the old Great Kingdom and meets the southern expansion of Grenell’s southern expansion of the Great Kingdom of Northern Aerdy. Administrative capitals of the Ahlissan Marchlands of the Adri and the Grandwood are moved to Innspa and Torrich respectively.

Cobb Darg, Lord Mayor of Irongate, officially recognises the Jian Destron and the Free State of Onnwal. Sunndi Congress of Lords meets for the first time. Trade between Ahlissa and Nyrond, Sunndi and Irongate begins. North Kingdom forces seen on the northern borders of the Ahlissan Marchland of Rauxes. Rel Astran caravel appears in Hardby, having claimed to have circumnavigated Hepmonaland.

591 CY: Dwur miners discover 2 sixteen foot high tablets in Irongate’s immense undercity. Referred to now as the Khul-Ak tableaux they are thought to reveal significant information about the lands surrounding the free city in ancient times. The script has defied all attempts to decipher it. Bigby has referred to the text as “unfathomably alien.”

A half dozen vessels are wrecked off the Bright Coast by a mysterious agency. The only survivor of the attacks is still, 2 years later, insane. Attacks sporadically still occur to this day. Delgath the Undying has grown the undead hordes infesting Rinloru, threatening to break out from the encircled city. Prince Molil enters the Adri with an army, heading for Elversford. His vanguard troops, consisting mainly of humanoid forces, were crushed at Druid’s Well by a quickly assembled force of foresters and adventurers.

The Idee Volunteers launch a series of successful raids against Ahlissan garrisons in the Barony of Monne in Naerie. In retaliation, the Ahlissans seal off the Tomb of the Saint of Idee, leading to widespread protests among the locals and the arrest of the leading dissidents.

592 CY: A large band of Idee Volunteers are surrounded by Ahlissan forces on the edge of the Hollow Highlands. Only a few survivors escape the ensuing slaughter. The Scarlet Brotherhood launches a seaborne attack on the southern Onnwalon port of Longbridge, siezing the town for a time.

Szek Jian Destron, aided by his cousin Baron Halshas Geldrenn of Silvervale, personally leads a relief force to storm and recapture the port. A daughter, Veryanna, is born to Szek Jian Destron, by his paramour, Duchess Saielma Relaster of the Storm Coast. An emmissary of Rary the Traitor appears in Szek Jian’s court demanding custody of Veryanna as repayment for the aid that the Traitor gave Jian in escaping the knives of the Scarlet Brotherhood in 584 CY. Szek Jian refuses.

593 CY: Turrosh Mak, Emperor of the Orcish Empire of the Pomarj, sends an army under the command of the half-euroz general Jedurek, to aid the Scarlet Brotherhood in Onnwal. An attack by the Army of Rebellion on the port of Obelton is repulsed, forcing the Onnwalons to withdraw from the western Volanots.

In the autumn, a combined offensive by the Scarlet Brotherhood and the Jedurek’s Euroz overruns the plains of the Gildenlea, pushing the Army of Rebellion back in disarray to the towns of Sornhill and Bergardbridge.

594 CY: Scarlet Brotherhood and its Pomarji allies launch a combined attack by land and sea upon the Onnwalon strongholds of Sornhill and Killdeer. In fierce fighting on the docks of both towns, the defenders hold the line until Ahlissan naval squadrons arrive to force the withdrawal of the Brotherhood forces. The Free State of Onnwal, the Kingdom of Sunndi and the United Kingdom of Ahlissa sign the Naerie Compact.

Under the terms of the treaty, Onnwal and Sunndi formally recognise Ahlissa’s claim on the Principlaity of Naerie and allow the Royal Guild of Merchants of Aerdy access to their markets in return for free passage of the Sunndian XIth Army to Onnwal and the cooperation of the Imperial Ahlissan Fleet against the navy of the Scarlet Brotherhood and its allies. The Army of Rebellion, in concert with the Imperial Ahlissan Navy, liberate the port of Tessak’s Cove.