Heathcare in the World

The movie Sicko: by Michael Moore was an interesting and great movie. I liked Sicko because it kind of goes behind the scenes and digs deep to explain its viewers that we have some major problems in our health care system.

In this movie Micheal Moore completely changed my opinion of health care in the US. During this movie I learned that insurance companies make a huge profit from our premiums and co-pays. These insurance companies make billions of dollars each year. This means that the insurance companies have the power of money to get the things they want. Even though you have insurance doesn’t always mean that you are safe from getting medical bills in your mail box. Insurance companies have denied to pay for numerous patients medical treatment. You know we are getting robbed when you learn that then Insurance companies hire employees to comer their backs. One woman who worked fro an HMO said she was told by the head of her company that “any payment for a claim is a medical loss.” Another quote from an HMO employee stated “we are not denying care, we are denying payment.” When watching this movie my heart went out to these people who lost loved ones and children simply because they could not afford to self pay for the needed treatments. It is sad that what used to be an ideal country to live in has come to pushing those who need help to the back burner.

The US would greatly benefit from a Universal Health Care System. A universal system would change our economy dramatically. There are Americans in our country who would be completely debt free if they didn’t have medical bills piled up on their counters. If the US were a universal health care system we wouldn’t have seniors working at 75 years of age to afford their medicine. America would be treating its people equally if it were a universal system.

The Canadian health care system is totally different from the US. In Canada health care is free to all. Its residents live longer, they get the proper care for chronic illnesses such as diabetes and cancer. The movie talked about a young American woman who had cervical cancer. She was denied payment for treatment