Healing Hands Australian – Indigenous Health

The healing hands indigenous health rights campaign utilises the social planning approach. By using this approach, the campaign is delivered at a national level yet acknowledges that if changes with health care

situations are to be made responsibility lies with commonwealth, state and territory governments. The campaign is designed to be a success because it is based on many facts and figures about indigenous health and the crisis it is in. the social planning position ensures there has been an assessment of community needs and problems – being the health crisis amongst indigenous Australians and applies a systematic planning of strategies for meeting the needs. This method is appropriate in that it emphasises on national and political procedures, for instance changes within government policies and funding. This ensures that the core aim of the campaign (that is, changing government policies/funding in concern to indigenous health) are not far fetched because of the level it is being applied. The expert knowledge involved in the campaign means that it is more likely the desired outcomes will be achieved. This approach ensures that the majority of the concern lies with delivering appropriate services to the indigenous people so that their health improves. The campaign has changed behaviour in that it has raised community awareness about the indigenous health issue and how it is a matter of urgency – they did this through promoting and suggesting ways to show support – This approach is seen as the community education model. A mass of public debate derived from the campaign and the utilisation of the models.

There were public debates evident in the media, with health professionals, among the indigenous community, non indigenous community and eminent Australians such as the governor and the president of the medical association. The campaign has been successful in that it has reached a vast audience and gained huge support from organisations such as government community services and individuals as well as prominent Australian figures.

It has also been successful in that it had wide media coverage. Through researching the campaign, it was observable that due to the nature and complexity of government legislations and regulation, attempts to alter anything dramatically on a government level will be a slower process. However the campaign has achieved to make the issue a focal point amongst the media and public – therefore generating more reason for the issue to be a matter of urgency on the governments’ agenda.