Psychology Essay on Gender Differences

Gender differences plague us at every point in life from jobs to sports to academics. Research has shown that their really is scientific reasons for these varying skills between males and females. Sports have

always been an issue since the playground days of joking about how girls can’t do this or that and boys can. However, as we grow up we realize that this is far from the truth. There are clearly sports in which girls excel over boys and vice versa.

For instance, girls naturally possess more strength in their lower bodies than boys and boys are the same way except with their upper bodies instead. This simple piece of information would lead me to believe that girls are better at sports that require more lower-body strength but that isn’t necessarily true. Most girls have tendencies to fear pain and be a “girly girl” which results in them staying away from contact sports such as football, rugby, or kick-boxing, all which use immense leg strength. Boys on the other hand have the tendency to try to outperform, take risks, as well as show off, especially within their peer group, when they compete in athletics. Boys also seem to be more physical and violent than most girls. All these factors cause the majority of males to participate in more dangerous and contact-driven sports.

Of course, within these differences there are equalities and plenty of girls/boys who are better at the others’ stereo-typical sport. Just because boys are naturally more likely to act more dangerously than girls when choosing a sport won’t stop some of those females from beating them at their own game. If someone has the heart and the drive for something they want, that’s all they need to do it just as good as the next person.