Freshwater vs. Saltwater: The Choice of a Fisherman

In this paper the reader will learn some of the similarities and differences between freshwater and saltwater fishing. The topics will include, equipment, bait, as well as times, and places to fish. There are many similarities between fishing saltwater and

freshwater. However, there can also be the greatest of differences. In my vast experience in both areas, I have concluded that though you may enjoy both, you can truly only love one! We will begin with a few basic differences such as equipment. When fishing in saltwater, you want to make sure you are using equipment that will stand up to the elements of nature. You should choose a reel that will perform well under great stress, as you never really know what you might catch at any given time. You also want a reel that can be easily cleaned, as contact with saltwater can prove deadly to your reel if not thoroughly cleaned after every use. You should thoroughly rinse your rod and reel with plenty of fresh clean running water, and oil or grease your reel regularly.

When choosing a rod there are only a couple of things to remember, you want a rod that is strong (remember you never know what you might catch). You also want to consider whether you will be fishing from a boat or “surf fishing”. Surf fishing is when you wade out from the beach and fish in the waves; here you will want a longer rod so that your casting distance is greater. When fishing from a pier or a boat you should have a shorter, stouter rod. Now, let’s talk about bait. You can go two ways, artificial or live. “Cut bait” or frozen baits fall into the “live” category. The decision is really up to the fisherman when choosing bait. Factors such as when, where, and time of day, come into play at this time. Also, the type of fish you are trying to catch will play a large part when it comes time to choose baits.

The time of year or “season” can also play a part in fishing both salt and fresh water. Depending on what part of the world you live in, saltwater is easily a year round sport. The various species of saltwater fish have very different seasonal patterns. While one species may thrive in cold waters in the winter, many species will move on to a cooler environment. When summer arrives, and weather warms, other species move in. So, now that we have talked a little about saltwater, let’s take a look into the world of fresh water fishing and do some comparisons.

Let’s begin with the equipment for fresh water fishing. Again, you will want a reel that will stand up against the elements. However, the reel you choose will be smaller, lighter, and more versatile than the one used for salt water. Depending on the type of fish you are going to attempt to catch, you can choose from a variety of reels, from very small “ultra light” reels used for catching perch, crappie, and other pan fish to a good “bait cast” reel for Largemouth Bass and catfish. This is also a choice for the fisherman as there are many styles and sizes to choose from.
As far as the rod is concerned, you should take into consideration where you will be fishing and what you want to catch. Your rod should match your reel as far as weight and length are concerned. When fishing for small pan fish, you want an ultra light or finesse rod as well as a small reel. However, if bass or catfish is more to your liking you will want a longer, heavier rod, to handle the abuse.

Now, let’s talk about bait. When choosing bait for fresh water fishing most of the same factors apply as do for saltwater; such as what you are fishing for as well as seasons. Artificial baits such as spinner baits, top water baits, and rubber worms are among the most popular when bass fishing. However, when fishing for catfish, live worms, liver {of many varieties} and “stink bait”, or “blood bait” are always popular. Time of year, or seasons, also play apart in fresh water fishing. Although whether hot, cold, rain, or shine if you know how and where to fish you can always be successful.

So in conclusion, you can see that saltwater and fresh water fishing can be a great deal a like. However, they can also be two completely different worlds. So good luck in which ever one you choose, but remember, don’t forget to call me first, and I will show you a great spot to fish anytime!