Forged by Fire by Shannon M. Drapper

This book was about one little kid who did not have any friends and had an abusive family. This kid lived in a family which did not treat him in a good way. He was tought not to inetupt “mom” while she

got some white stuff(crack) from this guy that cames to the door every week. He was also tought not to play with the red/ornage fire dancer(lighter), and one day he was caught playing with it so his mom got mad and made him put his hand out and then the o mom burned him with the fire dancer.. one day his mom left him home alone and the kid found the fire dancer.

He got his g.i joe toy and made the fire dancer seem as if it was like a torch to the action figure toy. But as he was playing with it, he got on the bed and as soon as he got on it, the curtains started to catch on fire. Once that happened, he went and hid behind the couch. His aunt which lived next door, saw the smoke coming out from the house and ran in there to get the kid (angel) out of there. After that, the mom got home and was taken to jail . after the mom got out of jail, she was not given the child back. Angel was playing outside and we he went back in the house the aunt was on the floor and not breathing. Angel called the ambulance and when the ambulance got there they picked up the aunt and they took her to the hospital. After they took the aunt to the hospital, the little boy was picked up by his mom and took them to the hospital. Once they got to the hospital, they were told that the aunt was dead.

So the kids went back to the parents house and after that the abuse started. The kid was put thru various things like being stuffed in a room with ammonia, slapped, hit, abused, mis treated and etc. and, everyday when the kid got home the father told him to give him a massage in the private parts once he got home from school. But at the end the boy was found doing that by his mother and the mom got mad and from there she didn’t mis treat the young man.