First Person Indentured Servitude Essay – Creative Writing

First Person Indentured Servitude Essay – Creative Writing
I would agree to travel to America as an indentured servant because my life in Europe is not going well. My life is bad because my father has recently died leaving me as the last living member of my family. In my country, I

often see painful reminders of him everywhere in the cold and lonely streets. I am no greater than a commoner and have no land thus no social standing what so ever. Going to America as an indentured servant would give me free passage to the country in return for my services for a period of my life in which everything would be arranged for me.

I wish to leave my country because I have no family left and no job. During the cold nights I am surrounded by murderers and petty thieves as I sleep on the street and in bake alleys. If I had one pound in my pocket, I would be dead in mere seconds. The town I live in is always dirty and I often wake up to find rats eating out of garbage cans on the corner.

As an indentured servant, I will be able to buy land. I hear the colonies give it to anyone at a reasonable price. This will raise my social standings since it is judged by how much land a man owns. It will also bring me respect, which is something I have never had and something I have always craved. I have heard some past indentured servants have even joined the ranks of the colonies most powerful.

Lastly, in America I will be fed, lodged, and guaranteed wages by my master. I will have some say in these matters because he will need me to agree to the conditions on a contract. In addition, I will be guaranteed fair treatment from my master by the colony court system. It will be easier to go as an indentured servant than to try to raise the money my self with no job and no safe place to keep any money.

Thereafter my arrival to America I will be able to acquire everything and anything I want in time. It will only take me a small period of my life working fairly for conditions that I have some say in. Also I will get free meals and lodging with wages. In these new frontiers, I will be able to get land at cheap prices gaining me respect and some value in society. Therefore, I will go to America to start a new, better and happier life. I will go in the pursuit of my own happiness.