My First Music CD – English Composition Essay
Most of people like to listen to the music, and so do I. Since I was a student in elementary school, I have bought a lot of CDs, which amounted to 300 pieces or so. Whenever I listen to good music, I will go to the record store to buy the artists’ CDs, and most of which are Japanese CDs. Although I have so many CDs, yet there is one of them, which I treasure most.

It was the present of my fifteen-year-old birthday.

It was the third year in my junior high school. With a gloomy face, I was a pessimistic and taciturn boy then. I had few friends, even none of whom could be really taken as my friends. Everyday I went to school, had my lunch, and then went home alone. I did everything by myself. To me, the world was so dull until he came to my life. It was in a summer. I slipped out of the physical education class for the hot weather and went to a quiet place to rest myself. There I met Brandon. In my understanding, he was a quiet person in the class and I never talked to him before. We stayed there, looking at each other without talking. The atmosphere between us was strange and made me uneasy, so I tried to strike up a conversation with him. I first took occasion to remark that the summer this year was pretty hot. He agreed. And I went on to remark that it was really terrible to attend a class outdoors. He agreed again with a slight smile. Then the conversation really began. After some more exchanges, I knew that he liked to listen to music, too. We started to chat about this interest in music. To my surprise, just like me, he liked to listen to Japanese music. His favorite singer was Sakai Noriko, and she was also a famous actress, whose most renowned TV plays was “The Coins of Stars.” Brandon was not actually a quiet person; instead, he was a talkative person. As a result, we became very good friends, and we did almost everything with each other.

I remembered on my birthday that year he gave me the CD, which was my precious thing from then on. It was a cloudy day. Brandon and I had planned that we would go shopping together on my birthday. But I thought he didn’t know it was my birthday, because I never told him the date of my birthday. In the afternoon, we rode our bicycles to Feng-shan city and did window-shopping there. I wanted to buy a CD, which title was “globe.” We searched every record stores in the Feng-shan city for the CD, but we still couldn’t find it. I was disappointed, but I had to go home for the birthday party that my parents prepared for me. Unfortunately, about the time we rode on our bicycles, it was raining. We sped for a shelter from heavy rain. When we found one, we stopped there to wait for the cease of rain. When we were waiting, from somewhere he took out something. It’ a CD! And it was the CD, “globe,” that I wanted most. Brandon gave it to me and said, “Happy Birthday!” It was a surprise! He told me that he knew my birthday because he had asked other classmates, and that the CD was bought by order from Japan. It was imported from Japan! On hearing this, I was really touched, for not even one person had done so much to me before. After I went home, I copied the CD. Therefore, I could just play the copy and listen so that I would never do any damage on it. And the CD is still placed in my drawer. Now Brandon and I go to different places to study in colleges respectively, so we cannot meet each other often. Still, we are good friends, and whenever I played the CD I would recall the vivid memory about Brandon and I, who were both junior high school students at that time.