Generic Paper On A Speech fill in blanks

As I walked into the familiar _______________, I realized something was not the same. As I sat down and the surroundings began to sink in, I realized that it was brighter. There were two extremely powerful lights on either side of the room pointing at the stage. I was here to see _________________, the ________ who _____________ ,.

The area he/she was speaking in was surprisingly small for someone of such importance. I was certainly expecting a larger forum. As I looked around, I noticed that the audience that had assembled contained quite an excellent melody of character. The first _________ rows were made up of people who were obviously ____________ ; a blend of beaming __________ , many of whom had _____________, and __________________ who appeared to be just as glad to be there.

The further the room went back, the less _____________ the audience got. I had noticed that when I walked in there was a sign up sheet for a professor’s class. Many of the members in the rear area of the audience donned an ear bud in one ear, or covertly rattled away on a laptop. These students were here, not to hear the speaker, but rather to earn extra credit.

The room was full of activity, but it abruptly silenced when an official looking _________ strode in. He/She was of average stature and build. His/Her face held many of the features of a _______________. He/She was wearing on a modern outfit. His/Her blouse/shirt and dress/pants were made up of _________ and designed in such a way that matched his/her features perfectly. He/She smiled revealing dazzling white teeth and took a seat next to the stage.

After a brief introduction from a few ___________ officials, he/she climbed the platform and __________ over to the podium. The audience went silent at this point waiting only to hear his/her words. When those words came out, I saw looks of confusion throughout the room. He/She talked in the language of _____________ for a few sentences and quickly followed up with a translation. He/She was simply thanking us for being there and giving her/him this opportunity to speak.

He/She started off talking about the.

“___________________________.” He/She said.

He/She referred_____. The first point is_________. Next,______________. Lastly,___________. He/She said____________.

I was wondering where he/she was going with this, but I listened patiently. I couldn’t help but thinking that this kind of talk gave him/her the air of _______________

“Give quote.”

He/She said.

He/She talked about what he/she had done ______________, and _______________. This was all very inspiring, but these things were so big, and it just made me feel like saying, “__________ ” Then he/she answered that exact question. He/She told us some simple, as well as unique things that we could do to make our lives _____________. Give examples from speech.

One of the things that struck me the most was when he/she said we should________.

Fill in details

I laughed silently at this.


Now that most certainly seemed radical or reasonable, but then I thought about it. Fill in what you concluded..

Then _______________tied everything together in his/her closing.

“This ______________ has to start with the people in the communities. We have to __________________________rather than __________________________.”

That rang clear in my ears. It did have to start here.

“Once we start ___________ by __________ it will have a ripple effect, spreading throughout America and eventually reaching the ____________, but it has start with the people.” He/She said.

At the end, I got up and asked a question.

“_____________________________________?” I asked.

_______________ Answered, “Well it’s simple, just make your life better first, and do something like_____________. Then, hopefully your neighbors will try to keep up with the Jones’, and it will naturally spread throughout the community. You can’t expect __________to occur overnight.” He/She concluded.

He/She took a few more questions before He/She announced that He/She had to go. He/She walked out and received__________ applause from the crowd. Clearly, ______________ speech as I was. He/She had made me think, and that is the mark of something that I find incredibly interesting.

I was suspicious of _______ at first, as I am of all politicians, but after the first few minutes of his/her speech, it seemed that he/she should be ________________. His/Her policies on the _____________ revolved around the ________________________. His/Her words shattered the illusion that ____________________, and that ___________________________. His/Her powerful convictions made me yearn _____________, and inspired _________. His/Her ability to____________________________________. When that happens________________________. We must_______________________________, “It has to start here.”