A Few Ways To A Successful Life – Communications Essay

A Few Ways To A Successful Life – Communications Essay
Success plays an important role in our life, success is great thing in our life.Who can be successful? I think everyone. I found a nice poem about success. I want to

introduce it now : “ Success is speaking words of praise , in cheering other people’s ways , in doing just the best you can , with every task and every plan “ (Author – N/A) .This poem show that success and being successful is beautiful.We have to do everything to be successful. In order to be successful, a person should have good habits, know great people and have a good career. These things can make people successful. Also we can find many things that make people successful.When people are successful? People have a different causes and I think that success is a personal business. People can be successful because they have expensive car or house, people can be successful because they have a good health, great friends and great family.I am going to introduce things who can make people successful.
Good habits can help us to be successful.People have good or bad habits or both.I think that person who has good habits can be successful in life because good habits can help us to be successful.Put first things first not last.The habit “Put first thing first not last” means that we have to put more important things first and not important things last. This can help us to be successful. I want to adduce some example from life. I have homework

on April 15. Now is April 7.I should start do it now and finish it 5 days before April 15.If I‘ll be say “I never put off till tomorrow what I can possibly do the day after” Then I never start to do the homework and I am going to get zero. I will be unsuccessful when I get zero from important homework.Another example. When I need get some job. I have an appointment on Monday, April 6 , 8:00 AM . I have to remember that I must be on time. I can’t be late .I must get up from the bed early.If I’ll be behind one’s time, I can have big problem because they can say to me “You’re late …we can’t give you job.This was your first meeting.You should be on time and you have to show good attitude.You can’t be late. This means that don’t be late and be on time. Planning ahead.This is another example the habit’s.I have to think about “tomorrow” , I must have plan for tomorrow” .Tomorrow mean future. Now I must start think about my future.I must ask myself “ I want to be….?……” This is important in our future .Students from highschools have to know what kind of study they choose/choosed.This is important because if we choose well our dream occupation in our life we will be successful.We can’t waste the time.We have to start planning now. Good habits can help us to be successful person.

Other people in our life. Others are important in our life. People can make us successful.Great people from this World can be good example for us. For example Mother Teresa was person who helped others.She was poor,but I think she was successful in her life because by her help she makes other people happy and successful .She was successful that others can be successful.Also John Paul II is good example great person’s

who did many good things for this World’s.His words are full of love , hope and about Good. If we will take an example from Mother Teresa or John Paul II we can be successful.They shows good attitude and they are great example for us.How they can help us to be successful?The answer is very easy.Them teach ,words,act can help us understand what is love , hope, peace , help others .These things can make me successful person.Just great people like Mother Teresa or Karol Wojtyla John Paul II who were great examples can help us be successful. Good and true friends can help us be successful.If I know that I have true and good friends who can help me whenever in hard moments .Them presence causes , that I am successful.For example they can borrow me money or some things like CDs or movie.I can be successful when I can go out with my friends.We can be together on party,we can go for some trip.They can help me when I repairs something and I don’t have any idea ,for example my car is broken .I have friend’s who is car mechanic.He can fix my car. I will be happy .Friends can make me successful by help .Great persons are example how be successful,friends can make us successful.
Career can make us to be successful. If we have money,we can be successful.Why? I think that everybody should know.If I have a lot of money I can buy everything .For example : expensive car, big house ,boat , cottage , farm …etc.I can be successful because I own these thinks whos make me successful.Wealthy people are successful because they have a lot of money and they can buy expensive things.Good job can make

people successful.If I have good job I can earn good money.Good job can give me success and make me successful person’s.For example person who is an officer in Police is more successful than person who have job in Tim Horton .I think, that good earning the money is great reason’s to be successful.Our career can make us a popular person .If I will be some singer I have big chances to be popular.Popular can make me successful too.
I think , that things provided by me are like bead in sea,because we can find a lot of good advices how to be successful.It is true, that habits can help us be successful ,because If we have a good habits we have successful life ,bad habits can make us unlucky fellow.Good habits plays big role in our life.Great people are important too .They can send message how be successful and what things can make us successful.Friends who are like great treasure can be some part of us successful.I think ,that person who has great and true friends must be successful.I have friends and I am successful. Also I think ,that friends means not only buddy from school. Friend’s can be teacher who can help me when I have some problem ,parent’s can be like best friend’s who can help in hard moments. Career make people happy and successful.I think ,that this is true .Career can help us earn good money. Career can help me change my life for better.I think,that everyone should be successful and enjoy life ,because life is short.For me successful means faith ,hope ,love .Sometime small things can make us successful.We have to discover true mean the word “success” in our life.Maybe success is beside us , but we don’t know about that. On the end of this essay I found nice quote about success :
“ In all of life and nothing less
We find the thing , we call success “