Family Structure Comparative Essay – English

Family Structure Comparative Essay – English
We are living in a world where lie many different cultures, surprisingly when we start to compare and analysis different culture toward our own culture; the first thing that we feel is the sense of superior for

our own culture. This is what called ethnocentrism,
which means the belief that our own cultural ways are correct and superior to others. However in reality, there is no such thing as “superior” in any culture since every culture has its own advantages and disadvantage. Therefore, the reasonable way to approaches different culture is to combine its advantages and renovate a new way of looking at two different cultures. In this case, we will focus on the advantage and disadvantage on an aspect of a culture. The aspect that we will focus is the family structure between two cultures, Asian’s family structure and Western’s family structure. In the following paragraphs, you will view at both of the families’ structure and find its pros and cons to discover a new way of approaching two cultures.

Since I am an Asian person, Asian family structure is a very ordinary matter to me. To illustrate Asian family structure, the words love and respect would be the words I’ll apply to it. In an Asians family, we have a strong sense of respect toward our own elders. Despite this fact, it can influences a negative results; since the elders tend to be more involved in their children’s life and sometimes even make decision for them instead of allowing the children to make their own decisions. As the matter of fact, Asian kids become very protective and dependent toward their parents rather than depending on themselves. Even though, Asian parents might seem to be very strict, we must not forget the true reason behind this wall and this reason behind this wall is love. Through my entire life, I have a very close relationship with my parents. I have always been guided by my parents on how to live my life productively. Generally, I followed their guidance, but sometimes I would ignore their advices and rather do everything my own ways. Yet, as time passes, I realized how much I regret those little advices and suggestions I ignored. The guidance that I should had listened to and converted it into actions instead of throwing it away.

In contrast, the western

Asia family
– Closer relation with his or her parents
– Guidance for their kids since parents have experienced
– Make the right decision most of the time

– Strict
– Parents more involved
– Parents makes decision
– More protective

In contrast, Western family

– Individual – out going
– Have the right to speak up
– Can rely on oneself

– By the time u reach 18 you are considered as a adult and u’ll go off and live alone
– Closer relation to friends instead of family – personality shaped by friends more than parents
– Make their own decision (sometime wrong)

– Both of these two structures have their own advantage and disadvantage, however if you renovated these two structures together and combine its advantages we would be able to come up with a novel approaches of family structures.