Example of Executive Summary of Subcontracts – Intro to Business paper (100 Level Course)
Camtech Plumbing – Billing for progress on his base contract for plumbing installation. Also billing on one approved extra, and retention held over 30 days.
Concrete Cutting and Breaking – See invoices for exact locations of work.The general scope of the work includes cutting of concrete in areas needed to facilitate either design changes, or work not previously designed.

Design Builders – Labor as requested to aid with partitions, price was negotiated 20% less then billed.

Engasser Construction – Billing on wall poured for electric meter and gas meter.

JJ Julliano – Billing for work on the screen porch, Lani, and concrete encasements around columns in basement

Kane Construction – Billing for labor and materials to perform work on the shell of the building for work not covered in original building prints. See invoice for exact scope of work.

Krug – Billing for progress on base contract for work performed. Scope of the work billing for includes Glass, Aluminum panel work and ordered material.

Thomas Johnson – Billing for progress on base contract for Limestone work completed. Approximately 24% complete on his base contract.

Tribal Construction – Billing in full for a completed contract of weather proofing the building for moisture.