Example of Executive Formal Letter – English Paper (100 Level Course)

Example of Executive Formal Letter – English Paper (100 Level Course)
Dear Mr. Johnson,
I’m faxing you over a note which I signed and sent to you prior to you starting LoRick stables, as well as four separate spreadsheets reflecting cost totals and amounts paid to date.Please review.If something has changed please explain in writing so we can review it.I’ve also noted a few punch list items which we discussed,

and a few concerns I have. Please note that the difference between that the spreadsheet contract amounts and the individual totals on the handwritten sheet differ. The difference was arrived at by taking the negotiated amount of $70,000.00 and spreading the difference over the three separate contracts: 1) Apartment and stair,2)Plain Concrete,3) Washed Aggregate.

When we come to agreement and the punch list is complete, we will proceed with your last payments.

1)Verbal between Mr. Johnson and Richard Dragon that in a good will gesture to Lori for some of the variation in washed aggregate, you would acid wash the concrete before sealing it.

2)You would cut off plastic at areas that is was installed for protection.

3)You would make needed repairs to areas of chipped aggregate.

4)You would repair the exterior slab above the Patz system

5)Wash concrete from staircase

6)Repair to column basis at a split in cost between Mr. Johnson, Juan Williams and Richard Dragon

7)Concrete still needs to be sealed.

I also believe Miss Folli should be seeing a credit for sales tax on material. Her job is tax exempt. We can provide you with the proper documentation. Please provide us a bill reflecting the credit for sales tax.


Mr. Richard Dragon