Example of Classmate Speech Evaluation Essay

Example of Classmate Speech Evaluation Essay
I decided to do my evaluation on George because I believe that his speech had a lot of good aspects to it as well as a few flaws to the way he presented his speech. First I would like to start by mentioning that
the point of the speech was for it to be a persuasive

essay. He in deed had a persuasive essay, but the problem he had was that his idea wasn’t serious enough for us as an audience. The types of speeches that we should have prepared should have been the type of speeches that would be presented to some sort of a counsel and I don’t think that sesame street would have caught the attention of anyone’s eyes as a serious issue to the world or anything of that nature.

So now that I showed why the topic wasn’t exactly a top choice topic I would like to pick at the presenters character. I thought that he did a great job of showing enthusiasm and capturing the audience’s attention but it was more of a comedy club skit than an informative speech. If he would have used his great speaking ability and people skills and had chosen a better topic his speech would have been the best speech in the class, bar none.

There was one major problem that I actually saw with the entire class. George also did this and it was his time. Going over was a major issue with this essay as well as all the other essays in the past. These essays were amazingly unprepared by most. The point of this class is to do the speech with the guidelines given to us by the professor. Our time schedule for this essay was 7 to 9 minutes and George’s was about ten and a half minutes from what I remember. This showed that he didn’t practice his speech at home enough to see what his time was and to cut out unnecessary information to make his speech fit the guidelines. The whole point of the time schedule is to teach us how to pick only the necessary information for our speech so that we don’t ramble about thing unimportant to our speech. A little bit more practice would not have hurt him.

Over all I thought that his speech flowed incredibly well. He didn’t look at his notes more than he should have and he seemed to know his information pretty well. His setup was great and his transitions flowed seamlessly. All though the topic was not as serious as it should have been he kept it very interesting and that’s the key. I’m sure if you asked the class who did their speech on what half of the class would not remember but I’m sure all of them would remember George’s speech because he knows how to get the audiences attention and has a way of presenting that has you as an audience member remembering it for days on end.