The Evils of Drug Addiction

Drug addition is one of biggest problems in our society today. It is not only a personal problem that dramatically affects individuals’ lives, but it is a major problem that affects society as whole.

Therefore, it is necessary for us to think of the reasons people take to drug addiction, how it affects us, and the method to solve it.

Why does man take to drugs? Some think it adds to pleasure; some others think that it take away physical weariness. Still others take it to forget their worries, while others take it to please the company they keep. In cold country, they take it to keep themselves warm. While in very small doses drug act as medicines, they can only bring harm in large doses. They have a doping effect and hence, at the spur of the moment, the person may act vigorously but only find him weaker later. Sustained consumption of them in large quantities will lead us to dependency and addiction.

Drug addiction is really harmful for our society. Once one becomes addicted, he cannot control himself. He can do anything to have drugs when his addiction comes. When he doesn’t have enough money to buy drugs, he might rob or even murder to have money. Thus, it is easy to understand that drug addiction leads to crime. Drug addition also damages the economy of our society because drugs are very expensive. The rich will become poor, and the poor will become homeless if they are addicted. Using drugs makes people lose their morality. They are no longer who they were before. All they want and think about is how to satisfy their addiction. They don’t care about their families. They give up their responsibilities. They don’t care about anything in the world, and all they care about is drugs. If all of people become addicted, what will our society be? Drug addiction is also harmful for their health. They may have diseases or die when overusing drugs.

People bring troubles to themselves when they use drugs. In order to forget worries, they take drugs, but that is not the answer to one’s worry. Drug addition brings moral degradation. The addict himself knows it, so he consumes them only in secret and no addict openly say he is an addict. Socially, an addict is looked down upon and people would try to avoid a drug addict. He would be a nuisance wherever he is at home or in company. He would bring untold misery to his people and those around him. Except in the company of addicts, he would be looked upon as a leper. His family will also share the ignominy because people will point the accusing finger at such a family. Financially it ruins the addict. He will be bankrupt no matter how rich he is because of spending money to buy drugs.

Considered wisely, people should avoid drugs and never try to take drugs even once because it is very difficult to quit using them. It is really unfortunate if they don’t realize the harmful effect. Certainly, the drugs will not and cannot add or bring pleasure. If anyone thinks in that way, it is an illusion. For God’s sake, one should never tempted by them.