Physician-Assisted Suicide Should Become Legalized
In the realm of Philosophy, various questions are always raised on the strength of various concepts and subjects with philosophers and scholars postulating theories by eloquently articulating ideas th
The debate over the choice to have an abortion and the timeline used to say when in a pregnancy abortion should be allowed is one that has caused much societal divide.
Many believe that our government has absolutely no ethics in decision making at all. With so many government issues that are going on right now, it is clear that there is a lack of ethics being applied in the decision making. One of the reasons why many people feel that our government has no ethics is due to the lack of understanding of it. The true meaning of ethics is the study of right and wrong. In other words, “ethics is a descriptive discipline, involving the collection and interpretation of data on what people from various cultures believe, without any consideration for the appropriateness or reasonableness of those beliefs” (Ruggiero, 2008, p. 5). The laws and ethics work together to set forth guidelines by which the American people shall adhere to.
The results of the IAT (data suggest little or no association between White American and Native American with foreign and American). I am happy with the results it says I have little or no association between the White and Native American. I think the test produced very valid results. The test did however make me feel a little uncomfortable for some reason I guess maybe because it was meant to be about different subjects I am just not used to categorizing. I answered the questions on the test fast and got 2 red x’s. I am thinking that my results are pretty accurate. I liked taking the test and think I may go back and take a couple more just to see what my results might be with other subjects.
In this session long project I will be discussing the moral dilemma faced by the United States Military in having homosexuals in the military and issues with the Uniform Code of Military Justice.
Most of us are born into this world without pain and suffering. The trauma of our birth is usually is left only on our mother, and we hear about it every year on our birthday. More often than not we grow up and live our lives free from physical pain and suffering. Many of us will have the occasional broken bone or repair surgery during our life. These are often short recoveries, which allow us to live relatively pain free lives. As we enter the last stage of our lives where dying is the outcome, most of us expect not to suffer. While we walk the line on the issue of assisted suicide, we must ask ourselves if being alive is the same as living.
As a member of a modern society I have seen that people want to legalize marijuana in order to make it a taxable product and therefore help the economy. Although it can be a good idea to boost up the economy the use of marijuana will be abused and more incidents will occur in our society. There is no sense in having more violent crimes occurring in society. The activists that are in favor of the legalization only see it in the way that will benefit them. They do not see the negative effects that can occur if the plant legalize and is be produced, distribute, and better yet consumed. Although the campaigners who want to legalize marijuana have reasonable arguments (the plant sales contributing to the economy), the legalization of the substance can cause various types of problems within society and therefore the legalization of the substance should never be an option.
Normative Ethics: Utilitarianism and Deontology Should the companies that dropped Tiger Woods during his scandal now reinstate him? [adsense:336x280:1:1] Credibility and image are everything when it comes to marketing effectively using celebrity role models. Fact is the image of a celebrity can be tainted within a matter of minutes. Take for instance the latest events concerning Tiger Woods. While by law he was innocent until he opened his mouth and admitted his immorality companies such as Gillette, Gatorade, Accenture, and AT&T quickly began pulling endorsement deals from the table. The companies feared the bad publicity and the image consumers would now associate with Tiger Woods and his sex scandal. Not all of these companies admitted openly that this was the reasoning behind their decision to disassociate themselves from Tiger but as a consumer I don’t conceal my approval or opinion that they made the correct decision in doing so. I absolutely do not feel that any endorsements should be reinstated.
“Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it.” These are the famous words of the philosopher and poet Georges Santayana (1863 – 1952). The study of military history at one time was reserved for the officer cast of many military organizations however with the advent of the Noncommissioned Officer Corps in the American Army, the need to understand past military events are essential. Without comprehensive sturdy of our military past, we as a professional organization will be doomed to fail in any future operations. American Military NCOs provide the backbone of the most powerful military force on the planet. Thus the study of military history only strengthens the support this backbone provides. "To be a successful Soldier, you must know history." Patton.