Traditional versus modern ethics

Near the beginning developments in moral and political philosophy was absent in the lasting effect through the history of those, for both moral and political philosophy. It is Plato and Aristotle that have been either the foundation for, or the negative response of, further developments. Prominently it is their contributions that have ultimately led us to the current main philosophical idea.

Plato recognized a set metric for morality and good through is use of the Forms. Importantly the form of “Good” was the highest form; the complement of this was evil and nonexistence. Then it was through reason and seeking knowledge of the form of God, which served as the basis for his ethic. Aristotle took an option viewpoint and made a request to the nature and that good is following our natural objective. Aristotle logical was that the natural objective for humans was happiness which can be achieved through enjoyment and enhancing the ability to reason.

A great deal similar to moral philosophy, political philosophy has at its root Plato and Aristotle; Plato’s contribution was of the ideal political system of the philosopher King and then the happening degenerating forms of government. Aristotle was not focusing on the ideal but on the practical, agreed that political systems eventually degenerate into rude control. He also said that the function of the state was to enables the citizens to achieve the good life for themselves.

I think there is not much connection because Plato’s impact most be seen in modern spirituality with its heavy dualistic focus otherwise there is very little resemblance to Plato and Aristotle in postmodern thought. Fairly to the conflicting of their beliefs there is a complete negative response of a fixed moral system. Still more so all things are for one person and the situational defined.