Electricity from Chemicals – Physics Essay

Electricity from Chemicals – Physics Essay
Electricity is energy found in nature, or is artificially created. The simplest way to make electricity is called a cell. Not a living cell, but a container, with an electrolyte, and electrodes, creating electricity. A good

example of a cell is a battery. Batteries are cans, that is full of chemicals to make electricity. There are four types of batteries, and a few early model batteries.

The first battery made, was founded by count Allessandro Volta, in 1800. He discovered, two different metals, copper and zinc, which was separated by two disks soaked in a salt solution, created a current of electricity. This new creation of artificial electricity, called the voltaic model started a bunch or new inventions.

The most common type of battery used today, is the dry cell battery, or the alkaline battery. The dry cell battery contained an electrolyte paste, unlike the voltaic model, which had a liquid electrolyte. The dry cell battery contained a positive electrode, an anode, and en electrolyte paste, combined. Another type of battery cell, is the mercury-zinc “button” battery. This button sized cell’s anode is zinc powder, while the cathode, the negative electrode, is mercuric oxide. Most button cells can only create 1.4 volts.

A NiCad or rechargeable battery cell is based on the chemicals Nickel, and Cadmium, making up its name NiCad. A rechargeable battery, well recharges, but if over charged, or under charged might not work properly. How is a battery able to recharge? It is simple, because oxidation, the process to combine with oxygen, which occurs at the negative electrode, equals the oxidation reduction at the positive electrode, creating power. Car batteries, like NiCad batteries, can be recharged. To do that, the chemical reaction that was used to make electricity, can be reversed to put it back.

Electricity is an invisible form of energy. It is used to power up cell phones, radios, and more stuff. Electricity can be man made or natural made. A battery is just another way to create electricity, a simpler way. The Voltaic model was a simple way. And over time batteries grew to what we know today.