Effects of Rock Music in Teenagers

Teens nowadays have so much freedom that they express anything that they feel. You can easily see us, just by our outfits. Nowadays, we wear what we want and follow nobody. We are really open to new ideas and possibilities. Our generation is very innovative.

Our generation also knows what he or she wants. In our country sometimes abuses the given democracy. You always see the students from the University of the Philippines and they always protest on what they believe even though it is not that worth protesting. We also have the right of freedom of _expression.

When you compare us to the generations back then. I think that they are better than us. I think that we are more lucky because God gave us technology that we use today. The teenagers back then learn more stuffs because they research it further and harder because there was no internet. I think that we are really dependent on technology. I think that if technology will be lost we will die of hunger. If they don’t have their daily wants such stated in the following websites Yahoo Messenger, Friendster, Google Search, and Email.

I think that an average teenager can’t live a single day without the following: television, refrigerator, computer, rice cooker, heater, MP3 player, DVD player, VCD player and camera. I think that we are so dependent on the said gadgets that we forgot to use our own talents to the basic needs without the use of the said gadgets.

A. Rebels

The Rebels in our generation our influenced by Media. They are envied from what they see. As currently explained form our generation has the freedom that are heroes wanted back then. I think that we are abusing the gift that God gave us. When we use too much freedom. We intend to abuse it in a bad way. When we cannot have freedom we want from our parents we intend to rebel form them. We will do any bad ting that we can think of and do it so that we will get what we can. They will give what they can really give you.

Some teenagers rebel because their parents do not love them no more. They’re parents do not care to them anymore. Some do not even know the names of their child. Do when a child needs attention from their parents. The child make himself notice by them. They do bad stuffs to be noticed or to become popular.

Some teenagers see their idols as a guide in their lives. What they see their idols doing, they think it is right because they are old enough to think so. If they grow old think about their mischief back then it will be so childish. If they do what the artist does their friends will think that they are so cool and so brave to do so. If they do it they will be like their own idols. They should not follow it they should accept themselves.

B. Aspiring Leaders

If you think that are generation if filled with rebellion and

hatred for their country. You think wrong. There is still hope for our generation. They are the ones who are called the children of the future. They are the future Politicians of our country that will save it from misery. The persons who can save our nation are the aspiring leaders. These are the ones who are studying in their houses. They always follow the instructions of their parents. In our generation they are the people called “play it safe “ones because from its meaning they do the things in a good way. They follow their parents and they do not do crimes or other bad stuffs.

Even though that they have freedom, they do not really abuse it because they know their limitations. They do not go beyond their limitations. They also do not take risks because they might get in a big trouble .

These kind of people do the right thing. In the end God will provide them on what he/she deserves. They will be rewarded with such power. The rebels will envy them for having it. They will envy them when they grow up.

I think that these kinds of people truly accept who they are and put themselves in a position where it is safe. They do not care if they will be uncool to the popular. They do not even care if they fit in so they will be outcast or not. They are the ones who will serve our country when in need of danger.

II. Influences.

There are so many influences in our generation. I think that the biggest influence that they can give is your friends. It really depends upon your friends on what you do or do not like. Especially in types of music and clothes. Your friends tell you what suites you the best. You will just get unlucky when you get the bad ones. If you think that they are your true friends. In truth they are just using you to become more popular.


MTV is a channel that has influenced so many generations for so many years. They have so many kinds of music. This is the channel that can not be beaten by others. It has many loyal fans to protect it from being destroyed. They are always innovating their logo for the past year. I think that every month they always change their infomercials. I think tat is also a factor why viewers want to watch it especially the teenagers. This is also one of their traits from being one the top.

This is also the channel where teens get to watch their idols for free. I mean they pay their cable and stuffs; this is the cheapest way to get to look at their idols. They get to see new music videos by their idol. It does not show just a specific music genre. It caters all genres because it says music in its name.

There are also many benefits from watching this so Sponsors are flowing out. The good thing about this channel is that it seen all over the world. It does not just cater Americans but also Filipinos. People form different cultures are seeing the other cultures of Pop artist. Sometimes they get easily influenced from them. Different cultures als see it daily. Sometimes it becomes as their daily chance of survival . they get to see their idols for free.

A. Music Genre

There are so many music genres nowadays. These are following types of music: Classical, techno, Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, Rock, Rap. Classical is a type of music that is “a written tradition”. This is a type of music wherein it is based on what tradition you put up to. These are some example of artist who sang classical : Johann Sebastian Bach, Frank Zappa, Wolfgang Mozart, Philip Glass, Josh Groban, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Philip Sousa, Strauss, and many more classical artists

Techno is a type of music that was made by the computer. Some are played with organ. It is usually sang by an electronic gadget and not a person. It has more noise than other music. Artist like: Bonnie Bailey, Beastie Boys, and Hed Kandi are singing techno Music.

Jazz is a type of music from folk blues. It is usually instrumental. Music like jazz is played by a saxophone, piano, double bass, and other instruments. Artists like Miles Davis, Norah Jones, John Zorn, Herbie Hancock, John Scofield, Bobbie Mc ferrin, Louis Armstrong, Harry Belafont, and Juan Baez are different kinds of music artist.

Hip-Hop/Rap came in the inner cities of US. It is used with a DJ mix. Usually The lyrics of some artist are impromptu and really comes from their mind. Most of it’s songs are about sex, racism, and drugs. Most af the artists and listeners are Black Men. The artists in Rap are: 50 cent, Eminem, Nelly, Jayzee Chazez, Raz Cass, David Banner, Jean Grae, Andrew E, Salbakutah and Francis Magalona.

Reggae came from Jamaica in the late 1950’s. It’s popular form of music is intended for dancing. You will also hear it in beach houses. This music is very popular in Latin America. There are so many devotees of it nowadays. It also promotes drugs because marijuana is legal in Jamaica. The following artist who sing reggae are: Bob Marley, Baby Cham, Sizzla, Tony Curtis, Black Uhuru, Cobra, Bushman, Dennis Brown and Donn Cambell.

Rhythm and Blues names a black popular tradition. It is contemporary Black pop music. It has funky rhythmic patterns. It emphasizes polyphonic singing. Artists like: Alicia Keys, Eve, Beyonce Knowls, Black Eyed Peas, Keyshia Cole, Scarface, Jaheim, Heather and Hedley, and Pussycat Dolls.

Rock music also comes form 1950. People think that the music comes from the devil. These are some artist of the rock Music: Perfect Circle, Slapshock, KISS, Audioslave, Linking Park.

Pop is a kind of music that is very teeny. The music that they are into is very melodic. These are some following pop icons in these times: Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, Nsync, Christina Aguilera, Mandy Moore, Spice Girls, Jim Done and Joe Tisol.

B. TV Shows

There are so many shows in MTV that are influencing us in our time. These shows are immoral too adults. The shows here are just gags. They are just trying to make their ratings high. They are just trying to bearn money. The following shows are Pimp My Ride, MTV, Laguna Beach, MTV’s Prom Date, Punked, Date my Mom, Spring Break 2006, Whatever Things, home Wrecker, High School stories, Made, Making the Band, Making the Video, Daria, Viva La Bam, Viva La Bam, Your Show, Power girls, Meet the barkers, Your Show, TRL< Trippin, Trick it Out, true life, score, Yo Mamma, Weekend Mom, Trailer Fbulous, Room Raiders, The Ousbourns, Next, Diary, Gaunlet 2, Run’s House, Parental Control and Sucker Free. Pimped my Ride is a show in MTV that makes your dream car come true. It goes all over America to find the man who has a ugly car. They try to make you happy by making over your ugly car to a beautiful one. It gives hope to people to be lazy. If you want your ream car to come true. You should try your best to work hard for it not hope for just a pimp my ride. You should save money for it. It often teaches Materialism. Cribs is a Show in MTV that shows about the houses of the most famous persons in the World. It sometimes show in the negative way. You will hope to be a mopve stars. Stars do not study. So if you will not study you will be famous. You should dream to have a certificate in a University and be a diplomat or something. However it entertains you. Punked is a show that gas on Famous movie stars. It is hosted by Aston Kutcher who is very hot. It shows how to prank people. How to revenge. You will see one of the best pranks in TV. You can also see their true reaction. It is bad because you are unconsciously hurting the feelings of others. You will learn who our true friends are. You will also realize that MTV tolerates the bullies in School. The things that they do are funny. In general it’s really not. They will teach you how to make fun of others and revenge. God said that you should forgive others for you should obtain mercy. So the artists that were prank should just forgive the pranker. In generally teenagers think that it is funny. When they analyze it further the show is all about gags, prank. It is another way so that the ratings will get high. III. Effects A. Crimes and their Rates Statistics says that the rating of teenage criminals is increasing. They do some much criminal stuff. These are following crimes: taking illegal drugs (shabu, marijuana), stealing, lying, having premarital sex, gambling and killing. They are easily influenced by media to have sex. Media affects their minds. It controls what the young people think. If you just look at some lyrics of the top artist now that were said in my previous article. It promotes premarital sex. They say that sex is good and you will have pleasure in doing it. It is also good because everyone does it. They are also promoting drugs. Some lyrics promote taking marijuana. That even artists. Easily writes songs when they are drugged. So the lyrics that they write are also about drugs. Even in movies, they promote Amsterdam as their ultimate fantasy dream to go there. In Amsterdam prostitutes and marijuana are legal. It promotes illegal stuffs that are not even legal in our country. When your realize it you will become stupid. You might take drugs after hearing these songs. After watching it you will become stupid. You will also learn to be materialistic. The shows promote fashion. That being rad is so cool. Being simple ain’t. You will buy the clothes of the artists. You will spend all the money that you have for just single clothing. In the end you would realize that the piece of clothing does not fit you well. You will be a walking paper bag that is not even paid for modeling it. They can also steal because of lack of money. They will steal and hurt others. The things that they want are the clothes that would make them look rich. They can also steal drugs and have sex at the same time. B. General Effect According to my research mttv has some good and bad effects to teenagers. However teens still love it . it is just a face that when they grow up they will just be faded memories. That they would less care/ according to some adults MTV is just a promotional strategy of businessmen so that their products will be sold. Some men also think that there so many bad effects of it . it also is a channel that cares about the go and bad side of life. That MTV is just a channel that shows music videos of the top artists today. The tv shows show some traits that will hurt people. According to teenagers, MTV is their Favorite channel. It is sometimes a world that others do not know. It is free because they are seeing their idols singing out loud. MTV is a company that has been with so many generations. It also has touched may lives in all over the world. They have inspired so many young people back then who are now very successful. It also makes teens dream come true to their lives. Over all you can not really blame them for doing such things that are not very appropriate. In the end it will always be you fault/. The last decision of a teenager is from himself/herself. MTV is just a guide or an inspiration to but it is really up to you. So this is my term paper on the effects of watching mtv to tens nowadays and I hope that you had learn and had fun reading it.