Musicarama Concert – Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra
This is my first time to attend the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra concert at Hong Kong City Hall. In this concert, those musical instruments are very attractive, such as cor anglais, bassoons, timpani, and harp. I realize that each

musician’s performance is very important to reflect the
value of the whole concert. If there are one of musicians got mistake when he/she play his/her instruments, the appreciate value of the concert must be reduced. I have noticed that the sounds of some music programmes were inserted by the “chopsticks hitting” sound to enhance the music attractive. I think the whole concert’s echoed sound effect is suitable. The title for Hymn for Tomorrow was impressive, if brief, the Philharmonic making its powerful percussion parts and the melodic lines of this music were projected with a feeling of forward motion and climax. I like the music so much. This music evoke me hope for a better tomorrow and feel passionately to look forward to my future life. The title for “Dai Pai Dong” is the Hong Kong culture. This music included all sounds in the food stall, such as bowl, dish, cup, and big fan. I have noticed that they were used some real bowl, cup, etc., to make this interesting sounds. In this concert, I have learned about the stylistic period in which it was composed – “musicarama”. I know the genre of the concert is symphony. I like this kind of music. It is because that kind of music can make my feeling so relax. Especially, I enjoy the violins soloist part. In a concerto, the soloist and orchestra very well coordinated. As last, in the whole concert, I got the impression that the conductor had the ensemble under control and the conducting gestures and motions seem to be conveying the feeling of the music. Totally all musicians’ performance was very professional and outstanding. The concert was wonderful.