Effective Habits of Your Site Administrator

Discipline and persistence are the foundation of my site administrator’s effective habits on campus. By him remaining open-hearted and steadily focused on the bigger picture, in an environment that can become

politically charged and sometimes physically dangerous, he is able to eliminate all stress and sometimes prevent political turmoil. He leads a Title I middle-school, in the south side of the city. The majority of the students come from lower socio-economic status environments, and he has maintained a reputation for being fair, honest and a person that gets things done! He takes the time to listen to individuals, as an individual, and never treats anyone less than an individual. Atop of his professionalism, my administrator holds qualities and habits of mind such as faith, patience, intuition, humility, expectancy, inspiration, compassion, and spirituality.

Managing and/or leading from the heart makes all the difference in the world. My administrator hears and understands his staff/students. Even if he disagrees with someone, he doesn’t necessarily make them wrong, but he acknowledges the greatness within them, looks for their goods intentions, and is always truthful with people, with compassion in his words. He holds an open door policy, and is always visible throughout the day, throughout the school.

Don’t misunderstand his humbleness, for he is very proactive, always beginning with the end in mind, while working towards the goal one step at a time. He initially seeks to understand fully, and then he seeks to be fully understood. In order to achieve the latter, he first builds agreement and trust from others in support of his vision; he doesn’t rely on control; his vision becomes ours. By expressing an innovative style of leadership, he focuses on people, not on the system, all the while promoting others to do what is right, not to do things right.

My administrator has led his middle-school out of the lowest-scoring status school in the district, to the highest-scoring school in the district. His staff is 100% loyal, content and dedicated to the vision he has shared with us as a family.