Different Roles of Political Parties – Government Essay

Different Roles of Political Parties – Government Essay
In the United States, there are three major groups and they are: political party, interest group and lobbyist, and the media. These three main groups are important and

each of them plays a different role. Also they can give a positive or a negative impact on the American Political System and on the people in the United States.

One of the main groups is political party. A major political party can be defined as a group of people who seek in control of government through winning the election, and holding a public office but the minor party is different. Their role is to play “spoiler role” in an election and this party can also be useful as critic and innovators. This political party has five major functions, which are nominating, informer-stimulator, the Seal of Approval, governmental, and watchdog. During its nominating function, the political party nominates or names a candidate to represent their party. In the informer-stimulator function, they inform the people and stimulate their interests and participation in public affairs. During the Seal of Approval function, political party grants a seal of approval to its candidates who are both qualified and have good character. In the governmental function, the party governs government in the United States and most of their business is conducted on a partisan basis. The last role that political party has is watchdog function. This function allows the party to act as watchdogs over the conduct of the public’s business. These functions can give negative and/or positive impacts.
In the United States, there are two major political parties, the Democrats and the Republicans. Some of aspects of the party’s campaigns can enforce a negative impact on people. Some of the negative impacts are that political parties are election-oriented not issue-oriented so they ignore issues and they just want people our votes to win public office. Another negative impact is that their minds are separated; they are interested in different interests and different ideas. Also these parties divide people in the United States and if these parties divide the country, some parts of the country will try to separate. In addition to that, they use our money to campaign, to inform, and etc; and they borrow money if they want to overuse money.
Interest groups are the main group in the United States. Interest groups are the private organizations whose members share certain views and work to shape the making and the content of public policy. Also they are known as pressure group or special interest. Interest groups try to influence the policies of the government and they do strike on the one thing they focus on. This group gives a lot of positive impacts to America. These groups don’t seek for votes; they are only interested in influencing the policies of government and they help to stimulate the interests in public affairs. Also they provide useful specialized and detailed information to the government. In addition to that these groups provide checks and balances on each other and the behavior of officials in the government. Interest groups are mostly found in economic interest and they use propaganda, which is a technique of persuasion aimed at influencing individual or group behavior. Sometimes the lobbyist helps the interest groups by lobbying. Lobbying is usually defined as those activities by which a group pressures are brought to hear on legislators and the legislative process and this helps the interest groups to take their interests or the issue that they focus on to the government. These interest groups seek to institute certain governments and public policies to benefit all or most of the people in the country.
Another group in the United States is the media. The Media is TV, radio, films, books, magazines and newspapers. They provide political information. The Media has the power to focus the public attention on a particular issue and help to shape the public agenda-what people talk about. The Media is big and huge. They make candidates less dependent on parties and have changed the way people campaign, placing the emphasis more on the matters of style than on substances. These groups can give both negative and positive impacts. They can help to reach to many people, but can give a bad effect to certain people. Also the media spreads news and teach things. Also it can affect people by looking at things that they show and having their own opinion and view. Also the bad things about the media are that you cannot rely on it because not every single media group has the same point of view, they have different views and they can describe an issue or problem however they want.

In conclusion, these three groups, political party, interest groups and lobbyist, and the media, play an important role in the American Political System but can give both negative and positive impacts to the people. But these groups can teach people and spread news even though they have negative impacts. In addition, they shape this country as the government listens to the people in the in the United States.