Devoloping an Effective Message

THE OBJECTIVE: Encourage participants to take action and meet specific Health Care goals, and get them to comply with in a set amount of time.

MOTIVATE PARTICIPANTS: Display notes, notices, messages, charts, and posters in advance of the meeting. Set up time to work with the participants who have small changes to be made in advance; in

order to change the amount of people you need to target. Get them to take action by incorporating personal illustrations and examples based specifically on the Health Care Plan/ Plans; use account information of a fictitious employee and a power point presentation, to determine the current asset allocation strategy. Present age-based asset allocation models for purpose of comparison, show them that time is important here, “the sooner you”—– “the more you get”—- always helps to motivate someone; get them to take action to review their current plans and take on new ones if necessary. Targeted messaging increases readership and improves responsiveness. Get the ones who do not plan to take any changes on to leave early. Cover the small facts first, this will help get the employee’s who are making small changes out of the way so you can deal, only with the participants who have the complex changes; making your job much easier to do and to get your points across faster(993/present, n.d.).

Think of getting your message across as a play or a show of sorts, follow the movie strategy.
1. PLAY TO THE BALCONY: project to the back row and everyone will hear you.

2. LEARN YOUR LINES: create your message clearly and concisely, explain how you plan to meet everyone’s needs. Be humorous; this shows your audience that you are human and puts you on their level.

3. ENTER SMILING: make your Health Care materials user friendly to avoid confusing people, maintain a friendly tone, and show them they can trust you to solve their problems/ miss-understandings with the new plan.

4. PUT YOUR BEST FOOT FORWARD: step out with confidence, create a positive impression; show them the new plan can be explained in a short period of time and this will relax your audience; make them more open to the information you are sending them.

5. BECOME A QUICK STUDY: you don’t have much time, so do your homework before your meeting. Learn as much as possible about the new changes in the Health Care Plan; and learn what part you could play in solving any problems; your preparation will help your credibility.

6. BE A TRIPLE THREAT: deliver quality, service, and price; it is imperative to provide all three. These move their attitude towards a boring subject; into numbers and show them the winning numbers first (the ones that they win for applying themselves in a timely manner).

7. ALWAYS LEAVE THEM WANTING MORE: give them the up side of the Health Care Plan’s changes. Show them who win’s by up-dating their old plan. Once you’ve finished

These projects, suggest an opening for questions- and – answers; let them go over what they need to know. This will also get the “Ball Rolling”; once you’ve done that everyone will follow thru with getting changes taking place faster. They will appreciate that you are proactive and take their needs in earnest.

8. WIRK WITH A GOOD DIRECTOR: pass out Health Care Plan, worksheets, so when you go over the basics (Maybe in a power point presentation), they can fill in their own figures, in other words “Do the Math for them”.

9. GET TOP BILLING: Leave open time to work with employee’s, on a one on one basis. Be ready to help them when/where needed, such as a name or phone number they can get in touch with to help out with any problems they may encounter.

10. MAKE SURE OF YOUR DATES: be sure to repeat the importance of the time span involved. Be sure everyone knows the exact time span by emphasizing the dead line several times during your meeting. Tell them over and over the DATE DUE. This not only makes the audience feel pepped-up, but also leaves them wanting to do the right thing in a timely manner. If it is possible with-in your company; offer some type of reward for complying in a timely manner.

The best thing to remember is to get the so called Dead-Beats, out of your way before you even start your meeting. In other words people can influence other people: if you have employee’s who do not plan on taking on the new Health Care Plan, they will ask all the wrong questions on purpose and run down what you are trying to accomplish with the employee’s you are trying to help understand the major changes.

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