Dark Matter and Black Holes: Mysteries of Space

I am going to talk about two mysterious objects that reside within our Universe. One subject will be on dark matter, and the other will be on black holes, otherwise known as the Vortex of Space. These things are factual pieces of our Solar System and can be proven to exist without question. These discoveries are so rare that they contain mysteries that have still be unsolved even to this day. Many scientists have tried to figure out the purpose of these mysteries; nevertheless, most of them are still not certain about what they are dealing with, and even admit that there must been an intelligent being behind such an amazing structure.

When it comes to our universe there are so many things that are unsolved and it seems pointless to even try to begin to unravel them. Dark matter is supposedly what helps create gravity. However, it is a mystery and still a very ambiguous matter even for the most knowledgeable scientists. The exact function or cause of dark matter has not been accurately discovered. We know that dark matter is strange, it does not interact with light, it doesn’t give off or absorb light, yet it can be touched and seen on NASA monitors. Dark matter sometimes appears on the monitors as a planet, and shows up having a size, weight, and mass. The fact that we can tell the mass of dark matter, but cannot figure out anything containing its purpose other than that it has to be there for a particular reason has intrigued many scientists.

In the book Nova Science, it says that Doug Cloud has led the research for dark matter for many years since 1996 with a team of scientists. They are trying to unravel more evidence for dark matter and figure out its practical purpose. Cloud claims that after doing more and more research on dark matter, he has only discovered that it is a dark, invisible matter that is aiding in the generating of gravity.

“We all may have heard that the stars, earth, and moon are sources for generating gravity, but who has heard of dark matter being once of the sources, and who could have known if we did not discover it…so what else is out there? (Doug Cloud, Nova Science).”Doug Cloud believes that dark matter is the glue that holds all the large structures in the universe together, and without it we would not be here. Dark matter is one way that scientists point to God because of the many things in the universe that we cannot explain.

In the process of studying dark matter, scientists did discover something called the bullet colony, and realized that it is also something that is unable to be seen by the human eye and they believe that it may create gravity as well. Doug Cloud suggests that even after all these years, the only thing we know about Dark matter is that twenty percent of the whole universe is made out of dark matter. The bullet cluster is made up of two different clusters of galaxies, and over time gravity has pulled them closer together. Therefore, we have these galaxies and the gases that clutter the space between them.

Another thing the universe holds that is completely unfathomable is a black hole, or vortex. A vortex appears from time to time and acts as a vacuum of the universe. A vortex is a spinning, often turbulent, flow of fluid. It appears and sucks up asteroids, stars, and anything that is within its grasp then disappears. When the black hole disappears there is nothing left behind and it seems to be taken to another dimension or location. Black holes appear suddenly and seems to bend time and space. Some scientists call it a vortex of energy because it comes with an undeniable force of strength, and can pull asteroids half the size of planets into it with ease. Another way to explain a vortex is when you let the water out of a bathtub of water. It creates a spinning motion.

“A black hole is a region of space in which the gravitational field is so powerful that nothing, including light can escape its pull. The black hole is a one way surface, called the event horizon, into which objects fall but never emerge from. It is called ‘black’ because it absorbs all the light that hits it reflecting nothing just like a blackbody in thermal dynamics (Doug Cloud).”

After researching on this topic, I have realized that a lot of the theories I saw have been correct in my opinion. There are many scientists that are afraid to admit that there has to be some kind of intelligent design behind such an incredible layout. I think a lot of the things Doug Cloud and his research team has discovered is true, and I am glad that they stood firm and admitted that there are certain things that even top scientists cannot explain. There must be a God behind such clever findings in our universe such as; dark matter, black holes, and the solar system that we call our own yet know so very little about. I believe that by science it is proven that there is a plan that is even bigger than we can imagine.