Critical Analysis of “Crime and Punishment”

Crime and Punishment was like no other book that I have read in a while. The style, plot, settings and especially characters were all completely different and in now way associate with much of the books that I have recently read. Fyodor Dostoyevsky truly reaches the

teaching of wrong and right, and how your conscience can break through your mind, such as the main character Raskolnikov. The story line has an investigation of the forces that impel a man toward sin, suffering and grace. This plot has the amazing characteristic of what makes Crime and Punishment a true classic.

The books memorable main character, Raskolnikov, makes for a perfect recipe in the book. He is a lonely man living on his own with much debt on his hands. He commits a crime, by murdering a pawn shop lady, in order to get money to pay off all his troubles. But after he commits his crime, he runs off, taking almost nothing from the woman he had purposely killed, except for a long journey of misery.

Raskolnikov remained quite, until detectives began to come under his skin as well as his conscience. He could not live in peace anymore until his dirty deed was revealed in order to have peace within himself.
This character, as well as many others in the story, remains the focal point of the mysterious conscience of human kind. The plot shows how one can imagine things, or almost go insane if not taken to the honest truth in ones soul. It shows that living a lie can ruin ones health and can result in a complete finish. The main character demonstrates how life in a lie and suffering is the key towards another beginning. Suffering can lead someone into feeling the lost happiness, and the only way it can be found is by suffering.

This book named good points in human values and how a troubled character can lead to a new beginning with a new epiphany. Some of the qualities of the book that were favorable was the plot. I enjoyed the style and language and the lessons taught throughout the text. I enjoyed how the storyline was about a mystery that was already revealed in the beginning of the book, but it still kept the audience wanting to learn more about the still mysterious character. Another subject that enchanted me about this book is that it some what relates to Fyodor Dostoyevsky. It is very interesting to learn about a foreign author and bout the troubles in their life that lead to a successful and classic story to literature today.

There was one quality that I personally did not like about this book. I did not favor the fact that this book was a translation. It was written well, but sometimes words can get changed, and the whole affect of a caption can be changed just by one single word. Translations cannot always mean the same thing in another language and can change the feeling that an author might have been trying to portray in a certain section of the book.

Overall the book was a great read and I do recommend it to any other person whom might like to read about mystery and suspension. The book took different levels of moods and kept me interested throughout the whole time. That multiple characters and situations that were introduced made me want to read more a more in order to discover the true meaning of the main character. Raskolnikov’s feelings and conscience and also his hard work towards happiness made this a good read. The ever changing mood made the plot more interesting chapter by chapter. Also despite the length of the book, it was interesting to read such a unique passage about the human qualities of their conscience and how happiness is only met by truth and honesty. The difference between the good and evil repeats its self all over again to teach a life lesson in Crime and Punishment.