Example of Formal Letter – English Course Assignment – Letter to TVs Survivor Programme

Example of Formal Letter – English Course Assignment – Letter to TVs Survivor Programme
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing with regard to your advertisement requesting of volunteers to take part in the next edition of your survivor programme, which I have been watching for the last three seasons.
I do not usually tend to fight for things I do not believe deeply in. This is why I am applying for this

programme, because I truly think of myself as the kind of person you are looking for in order to give once again the programme the excitement and addiction it has achieved through the years. Since I have always travelled to the poorest areas of the planet where your security relies only on your own survival skills, I feel capable of adapting to the conditions set on your programme, even to the TV cameras. Although I am an adventurous person who will never be afraid of your risky games – at least none has scared me to the point that I would hesitate to participate in the reality show – I always avoid risking my groups security. It is always important to stop and think of your actions and evaluate the possible consequences, specially when, as in your programme, you are not alone and decisions must be taken for the whole group. Because I think this is not only a survivor programme but a situation where people have to learn to trust their group partners because those who isolate themselves tend to lose in the rivalry for survival. Being sociable is the strongest characteristic I have to be chosen from all the contestants.

Referring to the three things I would be allowed to take, I would like to take a family photograph which means much to me and gives me energy when depressed, a jack-knife because I think it may be quite useful for everyone in many cases and, finally, a pen and a diary in order to narrate everything that happens daily.

I am looking forward to hearing from you and am available for interview whenever you might request it.

Yours faithfully

Student Writer