Caroline Burch Case Study

I. Time Context – After 5 years of working as a secretary-office clerk for a large appliance manufacturer, Caroline Burch yearned for more challenging job in the field of marketing.

II. Viewpoint – Caroline had graduated from a small liberal arts college in the East with an outstanding

record as a history major. Thus she had not found her training to be much use of her job. She had seen for some reason the young people who were caring in their company with MBA degrees where being given the “red carpet” treatment into good managerial position short time training. These were job Caroline wanted. And since base this case, we saw her as ambitious type of women and she had determination I getting want she wants. One proof of this is her decision to quit her job and enrolled in same MBA program where she can have an opportunity to gain some experience in the field of marketing that she can use as her stepping stone to have a good managerial position.

III. Central Problem / Statement of the Problem – Caroline Burch wants to be a manager. Like the two women she admires who own companies that doing great nationally. But the problem is she doesn’t want the usual junk jobs thrown to women such selling cosmetics and real state. Because of this, although she loves selling, she is still confused on where or want industry she should engage to have a career in the field of marketing.

IV. Statement of the Objective

4.1 Must Objective
To have a good managerial position.

4.2 Want Objective
She wants to be different and doesn’t want the usual junk jobs thrown to women. Because of this, she is eyeing to the industries where they are usually dominated by men.

V. Areas of Consideration


– Caroline Burch has a strong motivation and determination on getting want she wants (which is to become a manager). She even enrolled herself in some
MBA programs to have an opportunity to gain some experiences that can help her to achieve her goals.
– She is a doer type of person and seems to be a sociable type of person too. She also has a leadership quality. These are some traits that one must have to become a good manager.


– She is undecided on where or what industry she should pursue to have a career in marketing.
– She wanted to promote as a sales manager. But the job she wanted is mostly preferred for men.


– Her chances to be promoted in sales management is greater in industries which women are widely employed such as advertising.
– The big machine manufacturers that she is eyeing are quite a number. There are many companies she can apply to.


– Since she is a woman and eyeing industrial selling, she might have difficulties in this kind of industries where they are is usually dominated by men.
– Caroline might run into trouble meeting job specification. An example would be in the Texas instrument the products, which is highly technical; they insist their people to have a degree in electrical engineer.

VI. Assumption

We are assuming that Caroline Burch could only be successful or satisfied to the job if she already knew what she really wants. She could be happier if she really likes the job that she is going to choose. Caroline has skills and talents that she can use for the right job that she wants. We all know that we are going to be successful in our job if we really enjoy or we are satisfied on what we are doing. If Caroline could really understand what she really wants in her life then probably, there is no reason for her to be unsuccessful.

VII. Alternative Courses of Actions

– She should study and analyze the environment of all industries she considered to become more familiar with them. Also, she should be able to assess on where or what industry she has a chance to be more successful.
– She must have a definite field of interest in marketing because it has a wide variety of scope. One cannot just do everything and master nothing.

VIII. Analysis

Caroline Burch is like most of us “confuse on what button to push”, what opportunity to grab to achieve success like what her professor stated in this case that very few people know what they really want to do, what they really like, what industries or things that can give them the sense of satisfaction.

IV. Recommendation

Caroline Burch has a clear goal or vision on what she wants. But the problem is that she still confused on what industry she might pursue to have a career that can help her eventually achieve her goal. First, she must have a clear direction. We recommend her that she should go to the industry that she has an interest so that while she is doing her job, she will also able to enjoy what she is doing. That is because we believe that people succeed if they enjoy what they do.

X. Plan of Action

When she finally decides on which industry she should go, she must first study the environment of that industry to be more familiar with it. She can do this by reading some books and articles which are related to the industry that she chose or by attending some seminars which may also be helpful. She could also talk to people who have great experiences on that industry to gain valuable insights and tips that she can use as tools to help her succeed on her chosen field.


1. What would you tell Caroline to do in seeking a job in industrial sales?

*Mervin De Paz
I would suggest her to study the industry she wants to work with, to become more familiar with the in and out of that industry.

*Jacel Florencio
I would tell Caroline that it is important to know first what she really wants in a job or career. If she thinks that she really wants to go for the industrial sales then she should go for it and stay humble. Also, she should remove all the incentives that she could get because those would not help her in finding a job in industrial sales. It is not a simple business so she needs to be hard-working. It is important that she knows how to handle a customer and the sense of teamwork if needed.

*Psyche Doroy
I would suggest that she choose a specific kind of job that most likely fits her personality where she can excel and be promoted, where she can show most of her talent, skills, and intelligence needed to run the business efficiently. Specialization in a specific field of job is necessary; for it meets the standard requirement essential as a foundation of success in a chosen business. Being fascinated to the idea of others can help her stand on her position but relying on others would be a misleading cause of failure.

*Analiza Dela Cruz
Caroline Burch should know the importance of identifying herself with an in industry and then staying with it for a career. She should know the field that she thinks she can become successful.

*Karla Cruz
Based from the case, Caroline Burch is a strong-willed individual but the problem with her is that she does not know where and how to apply that attitude to her goals in life. I would probably advise her to have a background check of the every job in the industrial sales profession that she might be interested in so that she would know which one of those would best fit her personality and skills. It is always best to assess yourself first before entering into any kind of field because you will never know what struggles you might encounter and you better be prepared. Most of the time, it is effective to expect the worst so that there is more motivation to achieve your dream yet it is still perfectly normal to be optimistic.

*Desiree Cruz
I would tell Caroline to follow what her heart desires. It is because you can easily do a particular job when you are able to apply your skills. Also, I would tell her that it is not easy to find a job which is not related to your capacity.

*Kristine Espenelia
In choosing or finding a job in industrial sales, I will tell her to choose what she wants because in doing business she must follow what is favorable to her. Industrial business is a good business at start but before getting there, you must have a background. Also, it takes a lot of time training for such jobs. If some advices are not convincing, she can attend seminars where she can learn and get some relevant information.

*Efrhaim Espinosa
Caroline should have to seek a job in industrial sales or that is concerned on what she wants.

*Noel Caños
I would suggest to Caroline that she should first know what she really wants in a job, where she could be happy and satisfied. If she thinks that her happiness is in industrial sales then why not? It is very important to know what you really want in order to work well.

2. Should she go into industrial sales where the going may be tough, or should she seek some industry that is obviously more amenable to women sales representatives?

*Mervin De Paz
I think she can go into industrial sales but it requires a lot of patience and hard work to become more familiarized in this field. If she has perseverance, she can also center to the industrial sales which is usually dominated by men.

*Jacel Florencio
In business or in industrial sales, we need to endure in all things or in many ways. As I have said before, I don’t think you should be by yourself always because in industrial, we need teamwork, most especially knowing how to accept your fault. It is because in a job, you will be tested everyday.

*Psyche Doroy
I think it is much better if she would go to the industry that is most amenable to women, as a starting business woman. She must know the basics in seeing prospects. She will find that being a sales representative is a part of it and learning how it runs, for she can understand how an industry operates before she gets decided to go further.
*Analiza Dela Cruz
In the case of Caroline Burch, her course in MBA and her want to become a manager someday: If she goes in selling big machines, we know that this job is for men and very complicated, I think it is not easy for her to achieve her goal. Caroline Burch should seek some industry that is obviously more amenable to women sales representatives. Some company hired people in industrial sales with having degree in electrical engineering.

*Karla Cruz
We know very well that a lot of people still think that women are less powered individuals in our society. I strongly disagree on this because in fact, we have had so many women leaders and the number is still growing up to the present. I am sure that it will be greatly seen in the future as well. Caroline’s weakness is that she has no focus to decide on what job to take but her strength is on her determination to work and be challenged even though the job is dominated by men. I would definitely tell her to try getting into industrial sales if that is what she really wants. It is primarily because the more a person has the heart and soul into something, that is the time when he or she succeeds the most. Also, if she has all the skills or better yet requirements for industrial sales, I do not think that she should limit herself to just being a sales representative.

*Desiree Cruz
I advise her to go in industrial sales where the things may be tough. It doesn’t mean that if you are a girl you should be more amenable to women sales representatives. As I have said, industrial sales are good to work on because Caroline can apply her knowledge and at the same time, her interest in that particular job is there. In other words, industrial sale is a job that she would enjoy.

*Efrhaim Espinosa
Caroline should go into industrial sales, that it would be teaching her to be tough.

*Noel Caños
I think Caroline should go in industrial sales because if she really wants that job, she is going to be satisfied and happy on what she is going to do. But still, it depends on what she really wants.

3. Do you think a woman can sell large industrial machine tools successfully?

*Mervin De Paz
Yes, liked what I’ve said earlier she needs to become familiar with what she is going to sell so that she can easily present it to her potential buyer and also she could be able to answer all possible questions that the buyer might ask her. Personally, one factor I considered when buying something (example tools and gadgets) is the salesmanship. If the seller can clearly present, I can easily pursue to buy his or her product.

*Jacel Florencio
For me yes, as long as you know how to handle a customer or a deal. It is not important that you are a woman or man. It is with the way you talk to the customer or how you deal. For me, it is an achievement.

*Psyche Doroy
It depends on her. If she has all the potential qualities in taking a lead and has undergone a lot of experiences in this kind of business field before, being a woman would not be a hindrance. Lastly, excelling in whatever industry takes time for them to be familiarized in the same manner.

*Analiza Dela Cruz
Yes, especially if that woman like big machines and have enough experience, she may be ready to face all problem she might possibly encounter.

*Karla Cruz
Women are not limited to household chores or pampering themselves. They know how to carry themselves well and even inspire others with what they have achieved. Selling large industrial machine tools must not be a barrier for a woman’s success. It should be considered a challenge for women because being able to do a job dominated by men is something that is really tough but something that should be proud of. The more women think that they can not do men jobs; the more they will be labeled as weak individuals. Dream big, focus and strive hard. You will never know where it can take you unless you do something about it.

*Desiree Cruz
It depends upon her, because not all women have a knowledge or interest in selling large industrial machine tools. Women have a knowledge or capacity to do specific selling. I know she can be successful in her chosen career.

*Efrhaim Espinosa
No, because she doesn’t had even a lot of training for such jobs.

*Noel Caños
Yes, because it doesn’t matter on what you are. It is on how you would do things. If you really know that job and you enjoy your work, it is going to be easy for you to