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Career as A College Professor

The career I choose to explore is a profession as a college professor. Based on the interest profiler and work value sorter, I believe I posses the interests, and skills to succeed in the career path.

My primary interest is social. I enjoy assisting people in varies ways, I am capable of working in groups, and I have good verbal and nonverbal communication skills. My secondary interest is in enterprising. I can effectively lead and manage others, respond well to competition, and working as part of a team. Also, I am willing to take chances; I value status, power, money, and material possessions (Your Top Interest Areas). I describe myself as ambitious and energetic.

I have skills in the following areas: mathematics, active listening, science, speaking, learning strategies, critical thinking, writing, reading comprehension, active learning, and monitoring (Your Basic Skills). In my opinion, these skills will help me to succeed at this profession.

To be a college professor you must have interests in investigative, social, and artistic (Is This For You). I already posses a social interest and believe I can obtain the others with practice and work in those areas.

The skills needed to excel in this career are being able to understand written sentences and paragraphs, listening to others and ask relevant questions, you must be able to communicate through writing with students and peers. You must be able to convey information through speak, use mathematics to solve problems, use the scientific method to solve problems, identify and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of different learning strategies, work to learn new information so you can better teach it to your students. Also, you must be able to vary your learning strategies to cater to your students different learning styles, and you must be able to monitor them to ensure your students are understanding the information you are conveying to them (Skills You Need).

In this profession, I will have to perform many duties. I will have to develop teaching materials, prepare and give exams, grade assignments; papers, class work, and homework. I will need to prepare and give speeches, and lectures to my students. Also, I will compile, administer, and grade examinations (What They Do).

Professors can expect to earn $33,155 – $69,582 annually with the average being $69,582 or between $15.94 and $30.60 hourly with an average of $25.72 in Florida. Although the national earnings are higher were professors earn $60,798 – $103,688, with a national average of $87,276 (Money and Outlook).

To be a college professor, I must obtain a Masters Degree. I plan to finish my Associates of Arts at Daytona State College. After receiving my AA, I plan to continue at Daytona State to get my Bachelors of Arts. With a BA I could teach kindergarten through high school, but I plan to get my Masters. I am currently undecided on where I will transfer to get my Masters.

In conclusion, I feel I am well suited for a career as a college professor. My interests, and skills, in my opinion, match up well with the interest and skills required to excel as a professor.