Career Choice Project – Information Systems Current Issues Essay (300 Level Course)

Career Choice Project – Information Systems Current Issues Essay (300 Level Course)

After completing the Career Choice application provided by the Internship and Career Center, I was given many choices of jobs that would suite to my lifestyle as well as was able to choose jobs and research what I was interested in. Once Career Choice was completed, and it provided jobs that “suite to my lifestyle”, I disagreed with what was originally given.

Once slowly working through it, and more data was taken from me, information on what jobs I would be interested in matched much more consistently to my ideas. The three jobs I found to most suite what I am interested in are Computer Network & Telecommunications Technician, Computer Network Systems Administrator, and Engineer, Computer Systems.

A Computer Network & Telecommunication Technician (CNTT) includes the assistance to a network administrator dealing with hardware, software, or infrastructure to an information system. As this career does not require a bachelor’s degree, it would be just a start to moving up the chain of command. As the skills needed in this job are Technical, Computer literacy, and diagnosing I believe I am well prepared to do this job. As the work conditions are nearly equal to an eight to five job, not many overtime hours, but this comes with the basic salary of 30 – 35 thousand dollars per year.

A Computer Network Systems Administrator (CNSA) is the knowledge to know what and when to install in an information system, as well as the capability to install and maintain. This career requires a bachelor’s degree in some type of information systems degree. Skills needed in this occupation would include Information Handling, Computer Literacy, and diagnosing. These three jobs also are included in what I believe I am capable of. As this position is a bit more time consuming, as well as the knowledge needed to take this position is more than the previous, the pay is higher. The salary for this occupation is 35 to 42 thousand a year.

An Engineer of Computer Systems also known as a Systems Analyst is the occupation I am aiming for as a lifetime career. In this career, you would be in charge of handling the information data needs of users, inside and outside of your company. This position in today’s economy is growing rapidly. According to Career Choice, it is neither as high paying, nor as in demand as it really is. I am currently enrolled in a class on this subject of the information systems market. This is a very interesting subject, learning how to design and put in place everything from business processes to new technology. As this job is very much in demand in today’s economy, it is also not an easy one. Once the skill sets used in this occupation is part of my skill set, which I plan to retrieve from the first two previously described occupations. This occupation according to Career Choice requires knowledge in number computing, technical, computer literacy, and diagnosing. Each of these skills are definitely needed, yet only real world experience can get you the skills needed to complete this occupation.

The CNTT position as well as the CNSA position are very similar, and are very close in the chain of command, they both are jobs I consider to have at some point before I attempt at an Systems Analyst position. I do not believe I can fulfill my duties needed to be a Systems Analyst without the real world experience first. As I have been associated with the Information Systems world for years, I believe the base salaries given by Career Choice are low balled, and are much higher, especially with information systems degree. As the skill sets between the first two are similar, they are both similar to the third occupation. Luckily Career Choice came to the same conclusions of what I wanted to do with my life.