Business 410 Question and Answer

Business 410 Question and Answer

1. What is the impact of specific activities targeted at a small group in the organization on the rest of the organization’s employees?

Answer In the case presented in the simulation, the focus of employee satisfaction was placed on a small group of employees that handled the baggage at the airport. I chose a few benefits, some monetary in value and some non-monetary in value in hopes of keeping them happy. The effect on the baggage handlers was significant in terms of job satisfaction and the quality of life of those team members.

A possible detriment to this type of change is the possible effect it might have on the employees not in the baggage handlers group. Although not much was discussed in the simulation on other groups, it is obvious that other employees will hear about the added benefits and will feel left out. One of the top expectations employees have for their employers is fairness.

It might be wise for Clara and Ray to devise a program for the rest of the employees of the airport including further surveys and meetings, as well as looking into other low or no cost compensation packages for all employees.

2. How can an organization convey that it is stringent about its policy on sexual

Answer Again, in the case at the airport, two things that we did gave the perception to the employees that we were serious about the sexual harassment policy. Communication to the employees is the first key. Getting input from the employees about there thoughts and feelings on the subject is important so we know how to react in terms of giving them what they want. It also gives them a sense of accountability and ownership of the issue. The second course of action is to have not only short term plans but also long term plans to ensure that first, the issue is rectified right away, and second, the issue will not arise again.

3.Can a performance appraisal system in one organization be replicated in another?

Answer Hermann Vaske once made the statement “we are all standing on the shoulder of giants”. In this case, a performance appraisal system can be replicated in other situations with some minor tweaking. By looking at what worked well and what did not, organizations can custom make a appraisal system that will work well no matter what genre of company it is. The important issues revolve around employee satisfaction and their personal life balance, not necessarily the job itself.