Boeing 717 Airplane – Double Narrative Creative Writing Story

Boeing 717 Airplane – Double Narrative Creative Writing Story
An airplane (Boeing 717) that loosing every single connection with the ground control, avoided from being crashed into another plane (Boeing 777) in a half of a second. 717’s account:
“Come in Boeing 717, come i—–…..” that was the last words that Eric Kingston, the pilot of this new Boeing

717 heard from the ground control center, before he realized that the communication line is dead, and also his radar. This, and the fact that it was a very cloudy, and dark night, made him completely unaware of his environment- he was totally blind.
“What happened?” asked a panicked voice. It was Cris- his secondary pilot. “I don’t know, it seems like we lost the connection to the ground control, and our radar is dead too”. He paused “but I don’t think we are in problem, the guys down there are good, I’m sure they will fix it in no-time” he said to calm Cris down, but it did not seem to effect.

“We are going to die, aren’t we?” asked Cris quietly.
“No we are not! Relax; everything is going to be okay.” After all, Kingston is 55 years old and he is a pilot for nearly 35 years. But Cris was only 21 years old and it was his first flight. He remembered how he didn’t want to take Cris with him “he is too young Bill! I’m not taking him! What am I, a babysitter?” he said only two hours ago to Bill Collins- his superior. “Relax Eric, he won’t do anything to you, but he needs the practice.”
Kingston knew that he can’t argue with him- only because they were friends Collins informed it to him, otherwise, he wouldn’t even tell him this until the flight itself. “Okay, I’ll take him- but if I won’t like something that he may do, I’m throwing him off.”
“I knew you will agree, I think you will like the kid” said Collins with a smile.

Like I had a choice, Kingston thought sadly.
A sudden roar brought him back from his thoughts. “What happened?” yelped Cris. “Probably one of the passengers got sick, relax.” He said. But he himself couldn’t. Something happened, he thought. He tried to contact with the ground.
He tried some more buttons.
Still nothing.

Then he saw it- a huge silver metal object was approaching toward him very fast, very very fast. He saw it like in a dream, everything suddenly become very slow and clear. A flash of light- he saw his wife and daughter in front of him, another flash- he saw his first flight, another- his wedding, another- his last birthday- he saw all of his life flashes before his eyes.
Then, like a warm up of an engine, there was a huge explosion, he heard someone scream, he felt his head knocking into something hard and then it all went dark.

“What happened?” these were the first two words that came out of Kingston’s mouth when he woke up 15 seconds afterwards. He felt like he was run over by a car, and was shivering in his seat.
It can’t be death- he thought.

Then he understood. Apparently, Cris grabbed the wheels in the last second and save his, Kingston’s and another 100 passenger’s lives. But the plane was still out of control, and was flipping in the air like a peace of paper in a tornado. Kingston was able to return the plane to his normal position, and all he was able to hear before he said “thank you” to his secondary pilot and passed out again, was a great applause behind the door.

777’s account:

“Come in Boeing 717, come in….”
No answer.
“Come in Boeing 717, come in….”
Still no answer
“You are approaching in our course too fast Boeing 717, change course. I repeat- change course”
“What in the name of god are they doing?” asked in astonishment Arthur Present- the main pilot of Boeing 777.
“I don’t know sir, it looks like they are not going to change their course soon” replied his assistant. It was true- the 717 was flying straight toward them.
“Maybe it’s a problem with our radar sir.”
“Should I change our course?” he asked.
“No, I have direct orders about the course, stay on it.”
“Yes sir”

It was indeed very cloudy and dark night, and neither the pilot, nor his assistant suspected that the 717 is completely blind, and it is not going to change its course soon enough. The last few seconds were vital- it was only then when they realized that the 717 was not going to change course at time. They saw the plane in front of them too late to react. The crash was unstoppable.

Then the 717 turned sharply, but not sharply enough to avoid some scratches. Or more- before anyone of them was able to understand how lucky they were that the 717’s pilot has good instincts, Present began to loose control.
“We have a fuel leak!” shouted the assistant
“Hold tight! This is going to be very nasty!” shouted Arthur through the roars of the back engines. They flipped in the air, as they were starting to dive into the sea- an infinite body of black, scary and unknown water.

To imagine the sound of metal that has 500 passengers, weights about 300,000 kg, has 170,000 liters of fuel and 60 meters of wing span, hitting the ocean from 35,000 feet in a speed of 970 k/ph + the gravity force, you need to be there- but almost nobody that was there survived.
Neither did them.