Baker College on-line Integrated Project Portfolio – Business Essay

Baker College on-line Integrated Project Portfolio – Business Essay
Students attending Baker College on-line are required to write papers for their Integrated Project Portfolio (IPP). Each core course requires a student to complete a research paper.This paper should demonstrate the student’s ability

to comprehend the course material in each of his or her core courses. The student’s paper can pertain to any topic of his or her choice, as long as it relates to the materials and concepts learned in the specific course. In addition to the IPP papers, a student must relate the topics to an umbrella topic, or over-all theme. The purpose of this essay is to introduce my umbrella topic and individual IPP paper topics for the accelerated Human Resources Management program.

Umbrella Topic: The Retail Industry
The Retail Industry is the umbrella topic I have chosen to be included in my IPP. The reason for this topic, the retail industry, is due to the fact that I am a convenience store manager. As the store manager, I deal with many aspects of the retail industry. I purchase products and sell these items for profitable gains. My position deals greatly with the retail goods and services found in the retail sector. I interact with individuals and other companies located within this sector of the market. Using the retail industry as my umbrella topic can be an added benefit to my studies at Baker College and my work experiences, too. I can apply my knowledge and training to allow myself better on-site work performance.
The following paragraphs discuss my core courses and related topics for the accelerated Human Resources Management program at Baker College. The subheading represents each course in the program and is preceded by the selected topic for my paper. Each paragraph explains the topic’s relevance to the course and the umbrella topic I have chosen.

BUS 311: Accounting for Managers
Business accounting procedures
This topic deals with the accounting practices used by businesses in the Retail Industry. Managers, owners, creditors, and government agencies all need accounting information. Customers and clients use accounting information, too. I plan to address the purpose of accounting and the effects accounting has on various aspects of a business. I will describe the accounting process and go into great detail about how the process affects different ownership structures and types of businesses. This topic will be related to the retail industry and the impact accounting has on this section of the market.

BUS 371: Financial Analysis and Application
Business finance options
The topic I have chose for the course dealing with financial analysis and application is business finance options. After conducting research, I plan to write my paper about the options businesses have for financing. There are many ways a business can finance its operations. I will include detailed information about each different loan or method of finance. I will also define terms and highlight the benefits of each option. This paper will be tied into my umbrella topic, the retail industry, by including the specific finance options of most retail businesses and discussing the more favored options of today’s retail businesses.

HRM 435: Global Human Resources Management
Stages of Internationalization
Internationalism deals with the aspect of nations cooperating together because they have common interests that exceed their differences. In this paper, I plan to describe what internationalism is and the reasons companies seek internationalism. There are different views dealing with internationalism. This paper will address these different views and parts of internationalism. My paper will also compare the international sector of the market with the domestic market. Next, I will relate the international sector with the retail sector of the market, discussing their different aspects and then their similarities. I will explain the important roles each sector plays within the market.

HRM 425: Negotiating labor/Management Relations
Collective Bargaining Analysis
What is collective bargaining? The paper I write analyzing collective bargaining will answer this question. I will also address the National Labor Relations Act. This paper’s focus will be primary collective bargaining and the purpose for its use. I will address the benefits created by the use of collective bargaining and how it affects both employers and employees. The paper will also discuss how collective bargaining is used by retail businesses. There will be a section dealing with the benefits created by use of collective bargaining within the Retail sector.
HRM 325: Ethics in Human Resources
Employer Rights
All businesses and those who are employed should have a general knowledge of employer and employee rights. Most individuals have a better knowledge of employee rights than of employer rights. I plan to discuss the difference between employer and employee rights. My main focus will be employer rights and the effects these rights have on employers, employees, and customers. I will relate this paper to my umbrella topic, the retail industry. All employers have certain rights. These rights may vary depending on the type of business in operation. I will include a section pertaining to the rights of different businesses and companies.

HRM 335: Strategic Human Resources
Maximizing employee productivity
During this course, I plan to write a paper that deals with employee productivity. I will address many issues concerned with maximizing employee productivity. This paper will highlight many of the motivational factors that encourage employees to be successful and how to utilize these factors for above-average business performance. I will also discuss factors that influence poor employee performance or production. The paper will have a section relating the use of motivational factors in a retail business. I will explain the benefits a retail business can add to its level of productivity when using positive reinforcement techniques such as motivational tools and incentives.
As I have stated earlier, each of these courses will have its own topic. A topic I have briefly discussed and introduced. I will create a paper for each course/topic to include in my Integrated Project Portfolio. Each paper will be related to my over-all theme or umbrella topic, the Retail Industry. I previously mentioned I chose the retail Industry as my umbrella topic because it is closely related to my current occupation and future career goals. It is also a topic I feel will bring me greater knowledge through my studies during the accelerated Human Resources Management program at Baker College.