College is called Da Xue in Chinese. – Education Essay

College is called Da Xue in Chinese. – Education Essay
Da means big or great. I believe that college is a place of greats, such as great masters or minds, great ideas or principles, great traditions or histories. Without considering these kind of Das, some people take the view

that just some big money or big buildings can make up a great college. How crazy!
And Xue means study or follow. In a real college, we do our study by follow the other great brains.
First of all, Xue is personal –– when a free man study, however ignorant he is, he is of his own. If someone is forced to learn, he may be the slave of knowledges, for he never have the chance to experience the wonderful feeling of independent thinking by which a free man develops his personality naturally. Nowadays many people hate study partly because our schools are always the best-killers of passions and pleasures of learning process. Sometimes I cannot help but thinking that our schools are barely the right places where you can buy a diplomat with your vitality, your green time, your childlike simplicity… Do you want to make the deal?
Secondly, Xue is to follow –– If you found a wise man who, to a degree, can help you to develop your own way of studying and prevent you from wasting up your time and energy due to going so far away in the wrong direction, I would say congratulations to you.
The word college has its Latin root –– collegium, which means society. In another word, college is a academic society. The word academy is from Greek , which is the name of a public garden where Plato and his students lived and studied together for some years and is also regarded as the first college in the world.
Therefore, in my opinion, college is a place or society where provide golden opportunities for us to argue with and learn from each other. Nobody have the right to declare that it is only he that hold the truth in his palm. The essence of college is freedom. No freedom, No college.
From my point of view, There is no great college in China now. A great college or university must be a regional or worldwide academic center, which can influence the world. As a member of the new generation of China, I feel ashamed of it. With our hard work, maybe in the foreseen future there will be a great college in China that will make as many contributions to human race as those famous ones in the foreign countries.