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April 1865 The Month That Saved America

Jay Winik, the author of April 1865 the Month that saved America, shows his writing genius when he writes this book. He has only written two books. Although he has written two books he writes like a veteran.

In this book Jay Winik clearly states over and over again that April 1865 is the month that was the most crucial to America. He also writes that April 1865 is the month that could have dissembled America. It was the month that could have destroyed America but instead it saved it. Jay Winik states that the country didn’t rise by its self. He also mentions that the constitution mentioned nothing about a nation.

Jay Winik does a lot more than just list the battles in chronological order. He goes thorough and tells of the events that happened before the Civil War. He goes in depth while talking about Abraham Lincoln. He also talked about Thomas Jefferson. He talked about how he owned slaves but he really didn’t like the practice. He begins the book with the life story of Jefferson.

On from that he just tells us about the battles. He tells us of the struggles of the North. He also tells us struggles of the South.

There are some things is the book that aren’t agreeable to some. He gets the readers to feel sorry for Lee. He also gets the readers to underestimate general Grant. He also often says things over and over again. He says them so the readers can understand what he’s talking about. He wants to get his point across which is fine, but he could have done it in a better way.

This is historically relevant because every battle is historically correct. The way he put Lincoln’s assassination is correct also. He also describes Jefferson’s views of slavery correct also.

In conclusion this is a very historically correct book. It is filled with action and suspense . This book should be recommended for people who are interested in the Civil War and history fanatics.