Apollo ‘s Enchantment

Apollo ‘s Enchantment is an oil based on canvas, That is 43 3/4 x 56 in wide with a wooden frame around the paining. It is a circle of mythology Greek gods around one their our. In the top center is Zeus in a cherry red toga with women around him. Athena is to top right next wear a dark white and obstinate orange wrapped around the dark white on her head is a navy blue helmet. In the center right below Athena is Ares he wearing a heartthrob red toga with helmet of heartthrob red and gusto gold. To the bottom right is Artemis wearing a forest green dress with a golden pot in her hand. In center on the bottom is Aphrodite wearing a daisy yellow dress with a golden cup in her hands. In the center of the painting is Apollo sit on stool of gusto gold with a extra white on him awhile he is holding golden lyre. To the bottom left is Hermes wearing a lusty red toga with a golden magic wand. In the center left is Hades wearing a show stopping red toga around are ghostly white people serving him.To the top left is Poseidon wearing cayenne orange with pearly white hair surrounding him are blissful blue people.

Emphasis is based on the one focus point of the painting. The art that is the main point of this painting is Apollo. The work is center my the light images around Apollo. Taking Apollo from the other mythology gods around him are dark to focus the light around Apollo in the larger art scale. Directional forces influences as to pay attentions to parts of the artwork. Like the way it is in a circular motion around Apollo. By the way all others god are looking towards him in the center of the celebration.

Well this based on imagination because of the mythology Greek gods. I think the gods are have a celebration the light of Apollo. By having Apollo in the center they are stating that they will lost with the light of that god to the darkness for those who the protect. With their eyes on Apollo they are in trance by his glow and the truth of mankind behind him.

West has very good craftsmanship in this art. He knew of the mythology Greek gods. He drew them are what the represent in the Greek mythology aspect. He understand that Apollo is god of music, playing a golden lyre and his chariot with four horses an drive the Sun across the sky. The god of healing who taught man medicine,The god of light, and The god of truth.If didn’t do his task the mortal world would be in darkness .To use oil based paint made it hard because of it slow drying procedures. At is magnitude of painting at this moment of time when those around were searching for an higher source to believe in. This theme is not timeless there are still many people believe and worship the mythology Greek gods. It is an beautiful painting I would see it again. It made me want to take time in the little things we take for granted. Like the air we breathe and the warm of a sunny day.