Another Story Began On Show – Creative Writing Story

Another Story Began On Show – Creative Writing Story
Time ran very fast. The Grade Nine’s lessons have been taught. Someone said, “Time is the best medicine to cure your broken heart.” Alice became ration than before. At the same time, my lessons were the heavier in the whole

Junior Time. I couldn’t go bed until 12:00 every night. Everybody was busy in prepare the big test that relate to high school. Everyone felt tons of pressure on the shoulder. Because my classmates and I participated in the big test, which also is a test to schools quantify teaching quality. So my teacher and principle managed us very strict, especially the couple. In this hypersensitive time, Cathy made a boyfriend. Another story began on show.
“Cathy, don’t you scare that the teacher would know it?”
“I don’t know, but I know my parents would do something crazy to me if they know that.”
So Cathy’s issue only Alice and I knew I don’t know and even been her good friend, I still didn’t know who her boyfriend was. It became a top national secret. Under our teacher rigorous stakeout, Cathy only hoped she could last this relationship for this year. Unfortunately, the teachers would know that. Three days after we knew Cathy had a boyfriend, I was called into the teacher’s office.
“Michelle is Cathy’s roommate?” my headmaster’s voice was even colder than the robot, without any emotion.
“So do you know she has a boyfriend?”
Was he a spy? I was astonishing. How could he know that?
“I know you won’t say anything even you give me an answer, I won’t trust. However, you had better tell Cathy that stop making this dirty thing, or I will call her parents and expel her out of school!” his tones were still frozen.
“When I saw her again, she was packing her luggage.
“Where are you going, Cathy? Stop!” I was moving said.
“Michelle, I was expel by the school.”
Cathy said with a sorrow smile. “Shit happened every day. Don’t feel frustrate. Michelle, you should know that you are a lucky girl. Actually, I was quite jealous you, because your mark always in the top 10 of our grade and you don’t make any big mistake. I am different from you. School said my mark was too low and broke the school rule. What I did was influence school’s image. So they asked my parents to take me home. Tell Alice that I am history. Don’t miss me. Michelle, you’re my good roommate, I’ll miss you guys. Bye.”
“What about him?”
“He is still in here, but we are…game over.” She pretended degage said.
“Why he can stay here, but not expel from school?”
“Because his mark is higher than mine!”
When I am writing here, my story is close to the end. However, I still want to write more about them, especially Cathy’s story, there are many details that worth me to continue moving my pen, but I find that’s a tough job, because their unfair treatments are full of my mind. I don’t know why the adult always treat us as the puppet. When we seek for more freedom, they would say that “I have already given you broad space.” But they never teach us how to manager our lives or how to make a rational decision, but once we make a mistake, then they would immediately dominate you again and we just like the chick, can’t fight for ourselves. They didn’t teach us some useful things, except engraft a thought that we need to get a high mark.
The reason I choose to talk about my roommates’ love story is because their stories are the mark’s tragedy. Yep, the textbook is not my life, in our lives, we still have many things need to learn. Like how to work and communicate well with other people, how to manager our own money. These skills will follow us until the moment we die, but textbook cannot be as useful as these skills. Unfortunately, we can’t learn this from my textbook. Cathy’s leaving gave me a big shock. I used to think that school was a place can develop a person, now when I though about it again, my though used to be so childish. Chinese school is only a place can upgrade your mark, but only the practical skill. That’s Chinese education’s tragedy. Do you think a student who often gets a high mark would be an outstanding person and contribute more than the other student whose mark is not as high as him?
Love is a blooming flower. My friends often say that the first love is a saline immature apple. It’s a foredoom failure’s love from the beginning. I wonder why people see the love in a negative attitude. Now that each girl dreams to meet her Mr. Right and have a romantic love, why we are so sorrow? I felt hurt when I saw Cathy leaving. She didn’t do anything wrong. Why school can’t be use a soft and human way to educate her? Why school can’t give student a correct attitude to treat it? I wanna tell Cathy: Seeking for love is right. You are not the study machine. You are young and you still need to figure out many things. Please bravely seek for your love. Good mark can’t follow you forever, but your lover can beside you and walking with you to the end of your life. I will support you forever.