Angela’s Ashes Comparison

In stressful situations finding a peaceful place may help tone down the chaos of everyday life. In the poem The Lake Isle of Innisfree by William Butler Yeats, the author describes the similar theory of finding a happy place in one’s mind when under pressure. Another example of this idea can be seen in Angela’s Ashes by Frank Mccourt. There are several reason why(theis tha I wrote in skool)

In the poem, The Lake Isle of Innisfree, the narrator describes his ideal peaceful getaway.
Whether he is on a roadway or on the pavement, he could stop and hear the sounds of the isle. The Lake Isle provides a break from the chaos and madness of the real world. As seen in line seven it is a place where you can lose track of time and know it will still be peaceful. It is a place where he could be alone and just listen to the sounds of the lake water with low sounds by the shore. While everything is changing in the world the author knows the Lake Isle will always be a place he could return to in his mind. Whether it is night or day, he can still hear the sounds of the isle deep in his heart’s core knowing he can return and find some peace there. For Yeats this peaceful place provides him with a chance to mute out reality, and listen to the fantasy of Innisfree. The sounds of the morning crickets and the view of morning changing to night and lossing track of time provides a sense of calmness and getway for the author. It is also a place the author may look forward to. A place that takes his mind of the urban life and thinking of the pleasant rural life, somewhere he may want to travel ravel to escape.

In Angela’s Ashes, McCourt dreams of having a better life in America. To achieve this goal McCourt tries to master the skill of finding a peaceful place within his mind. McCourt’s idea of a peaceful place is quite different then Yeat’s, but it follows the same concept. McCourt receives his first wages and it is the first pound he has ever had. After spending his wages on food he realizes that he needs to start saving his money if he ever wants to leave Limerick. This is a difficult task to overcome because of the constant reminder of hunger and starvation. But, instead of thinking about buying food he thinks about what his life could be in America. For McCourt, America is his peaceful place. It is a place where he could start a new life filled with endless dreams. By finding this peaceful place McCourt is able to come closer to his goal and mature in the process. He is also able to take his mind off of the stressful situation he is in. Another example of McCourt finding a peaceful place starts at a young age. McCourt is fascinated by the tales of Cuchulain that his father tells him. He also enjoys the tales of Samson that he hears from Freddie Leibowitz. By thinking of these tales Frank is able to escape his realistic situation. It almost acts as his insulation against the real world and that is exactly what a peaceful place should do. This is reason why Frank is protective of his stories because by stealing his stories not only are you taking away the only possesion he has, but also his protection from reality. It would be like taking away a shied from a knight in battle. A peaceful place acts as protection against the real world, just like the shield on a knight in battle.

In the poem, the narrator often uses the words “I will go now”, to show that being at peace is a sense of urgency.  According to lines five to eight, the narrator explains how peace is a way in which one forgets the sense of time, and has no interest as to what is going on in the outside world, and yet does not care. He often dreams of this place day and night, and longs to go there. While standing on the roadway, the low sounds by the shore are heard, of the water lapping. Deep down, he can hear this place when he stops to listen, and can imagine himself there. This vision is not the same as being there, and not as peaceful, reasons for why the narrator explains why he has to go to the Lake Isle of Innisfree now! All in all, in order to reach peace, one must find a place to rest and relieve their current problems.