America’s involment in the Holocaust

When the war broke out in 1930. The world couldn’t know what was really happening in Germany or what Adolf Hitler had in store for any jew, gypsy, homosexual and any other individual that got in the way of his master

plan. America during the Holocaust was considered one of the most powerful nations in the world. Economically, politically and socially.

There are many reasons why America wasn’t much involved during the holocaust. United States president Franklin D. Roosevelt hurried after the holocaust broke out in Europe and gathered his cabinet and military advisors together, there ut was agreed that the U.S. would stay neutral. One reason because the United States weren’t directly threatened and they had no reason to be involved. This reason was a valid one because it was the American policy to stay neutral in any affair not having anything to do with them unless American soil was threatened directly. Some jews escape from the tragic thing happening and made it to America. As Jews in Germany faced the violence and discrimination that was brought on by Hitler’s government. Some American Jewish leaders urged with the U.S. State Department to change their standards regards to German Jews immigration. In 1936 U.S. immigration officials did change their considerations to include the levels of a German jews education, job skills, and if they had American relatives. In only one year with the new policy the immigration had doubled in the amount of visas they granted to the German Jews. After so many Jews were allowed in the U.S. the Americans were getting upset because there was little job opportunities for them. So the State Department started many up excuses why their visas were denied and immigration became so restricted .

During the Holocaust Anti-Semitism was a reason why the U.S. didn’t enter the war zone in the beginning. Anti-Semitism was a factor that limited American Jewish actions during the war time and put American Jews in a difficult position. In the late 1930’s the levels of anti-Semitism was high and continued to rise into the 1940’s. there was another type of Anti-Semitism during this time called passive Anti-Semitism. While many Americans wouldn’t physically harm a jew they had negative internal feelings towards them. Jews have been continuously looked down on and been used as scapegoats.